Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

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Adobe Photoshop is the leading image editing software for film and digital photographers worldwide.

This course is designed for professional photographers who have a basic knowledge of Photoshop (CS4 or earlier versions) but who would like to explore image enhancing techniques in greater detail and make greater use of Photoshop's creative potential. Particular attention will be paid to digital camera workflow, colour treatments, compositing techniques and the use of specialist filters.

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Processing Camera RAW files (8 topics)

  • RAW vs TIFF and JPEG images
  • Using the Camera RAW plug-in
  • Correcting exposure and white balance
  • Tone and contrast adjustments
  • The Graduated Filter tool
  • Using the Adjustments brush
  • Managing Camera RAW settings
  • Sidecar .xmp files

Digital workflow (6 topics)

  • Editing shoots using Adobe Bridge
  • Using Adobe Bridge stacks
  • Filtering images
  • Batch processing RAW files
  • Renaming and copying files
  • Creating metadata templates

Working with tone and colour (5 topics)

  • Placing RAW files as Smart Objects
  • Adjustment layers
  • Editing Adjustment Layer Masks
  • Working with the Adjustments Panel
  • Toning effects

Selection techniques (6 topics)

  • Creating and editing paths
  • Building selections from paths
  • Refining selection edges
  • Quick Mask selections
  • Working with Alpha Channels
  • Content Aware scaling

Layer techniques (8 topics)

  • Compositing exposures using Layers
  • Using Auto Align command
  • Using the Auto Blend command
  • Creating a panoramic projection
  • Extending depth of field
  • Using the Masks panel
  • Working with Layer Masks
  • Merging and flattening layers

Filter techniques (4 topics)

  • Smart Filter Layers
  • Reducing sensor noise using Image Stacks
  • Progressive blur effects
  • Controlling image sharpening

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