Adobe Photoshop CS4: Intermediate

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This course is designed for those who are already familiar with the fundamentals of Photoshop but wish they could get more from this immensely powerful and versatile application.

In addition to Photoshop CS4's more advanced features, the course covers tone and colour correction, using adjustment layers and layer masks, advanced retouching techniques, automating tasks, working with shapes and brushes and using powerful layering and filtering techniques.

This is a practical, hands-on course designed to enable you to work more quickly and effectively using Adobe Photoshop. Feel free to bring along examples of your work if you wish.

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Photoshop essentials (8 topics)

  • Essential CS4 keyboard shortcuts
  • Working with libraries
  • Working smarter with the Bridge
  • Customising the workspace
  • Creating custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Controlling menu item display
  • Saving custom workspaces
  • Using the Purge command

Tone and colour correction (8 topics)

  • Working with Adjustment Layers
  • The Adjustments Panel
  • Assessing image faults
  • Tone Range and Contrast enhancements
  • Colour correction techniques
  • Working with levels and curves
  • Using Fixed Colour Samplers
  • Working with the Info panel

Further colour tools (6 topics)

  • Selective colour adjustments
  • Editing Adjustment Layer Masks
  • Changing Adjustment Layer content
  • Using the Target Adjustment panel
  • Black and White command
  • Image toning effects

Selection techniques (6 topics)

  • Quick Mask mode
  • Using Alpha channels
  • Content Aware scaling
  • Working with Photoshop paths
  • Creating selections from paths
  • The Refine Edge command

Retouching techniques (6 topics)

  • The Clone Source panel
  • Working with Clone Source overlays
  • Using pixel grid for editing individual pixels
  • The Vanishing Point filter
  • Creating and editing perspective planes
  • Retouching in perspective

Automating tasks (7 topics)

  • The Actions panel
  • Working with folders
  • Recording Actions
  • Controlling Action playback
  • Inserting non-recordable items
  • Batch processing folders with Actions
  • Saving and loading panel sets

Working with shapes (3 topics)

  • Vector shape tools
  • Creating custom shapes
  • Editing vector shapes using the Pen tool

Working with brushes (4 topics)

  • Creating custom brushes
  • Working with the Brushes panel
  • Working with Shape Dynamics and Scatter effects
  • Adjusting colour dynamics

Layering techniques (6 topics)

  • Working faster and smarter in Layers
  • The Auto Align Layers command
  • Cylindrical, Perspective and Reposition projections
  • Fill Opacity vs general opacity
  • Using Layer Blend Modes
  • Wrapping artwork

Working with Layer Masks (5 topics)

  • Techniques with Layer Masks
  • Tools for editing Layer Masks
  • Working with the Masks Panel
  • Adjusting Mask density and feathering
  • Clipping Groups

Smart Objects (5 topics)

  • Introducing Smart Object Layers
  • Converting pixel based layers to Smart Objects
  • Editing Smart Object content
  • Working with multiple instances
  • Rasterizing Smart Objects

Filter techniques (5 topics)

  • More useful filters
  • Working with Smart Filter Layers
  • Stacking Smart Filter effects
  • Editing Filter Layer Masks
  • Adjusting Filter Blend controls

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