TCP/IP Implementation on z/OS

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The course will provide delegates with detailed implementation plan for the implementation of TCP/IP. During which they will be involved with exercises which involve configuring a TCP/IP stack on z/OS including a network interface, telnet and ftp.

This course is designed for system programmers who will be responsible for implementing TCP/IP on z/OS.

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Introduction (4 topics)

  • TCP/IP Review (via informal quiz)
  • TCP/IP and mainframes
  • TCP/IP and Unix
  • TCP/IP evolution in MVS, OS/390 and z/OS

TCP/IP on z/OS (11 topics)

  • Communication Server from V2R5
  • TCP/IP and VTAM (SNA)
  • Installing TCP/IP - system's work
  • TCP/IP and Unix Services
  • Configuring TCP/IP
  • The principle - the stack
  • MVS or Unix Services
  • The data sets
  • The profiles
  • The other applications
  • Security aspects

The Basic Configuration (10 topics)

  • Important Planning Matters
  • The TCP/IP Procedure
  • The Anchor Data Set
  • TCP/IP Data and contents
  • The Profile
  • Structure and syntax
  • Basic network details
  • Basic IP, TCP and UDP parameters
  • Dynamic changes
  • Running the stack - operations

IP and Network Configuration (13 topics)

  • Static Routing - Gateway statement
  • Subnet masks
  • Network Connections overview of common ones
  • LAN Channel Stations (LCS)
  • Open Systems Adapter (OSA)
  • Other LCS connections
  • Channel Attached Routers
  • CDLC
  • MPC (+)
  • Channel to Channel Connections
  • Special Connections
  • VIPA
  • Same Host

Telnet (7 topics)

  • Telnet Options with z/OS
  • Telnet 3270 Server
  • Configuration
  • Planning
  • Interface to VTAM
  • Telnet Client from TSO
  • Inetd - and the basic telnet server

Configuration and Unix Services (10 topics)

  • RouteD
  • Static Routing
  • Dynamic Routing
  • RIP
  • RIPv2
  • RouteD Configuration
  • Procedure
  • Profile details
  • Additional control
  • OSPF on z/OS (briefly)

File Transfer Protocol (7 topics)

  • FTP and TCP/IP
  • FTP on z/OS - client and server
  • Special considerations
  • (With MVS data sets)
  • Procedure
  • Profile details
  • FTP parameters

Other Planning Matters (8 topics)

  • Standard and other applications - planning
  • Domain Name Server
  • Ideas, planning and configuration
  • Multiple Stacks
  • On the same image
  • LPARs and sharing networks
  • Parallel Sysplex
  • Changes in Communications Server since VR2


Delegates are expected to be familiar with: TCP/IP, which may be obtained from our Understanding TCP/IP course. z/OS, which may be obtained from our z/OS for Beginners course. TSO/ISPF, which may be obtained from our TSO/ISPF workshop course. UNIX Services on z/OS, which may be obtained from our Introduction to UNIX Services on z/OS course. General UNIX user facilities, which may be obtained from our UNIX The Essentials course.

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