COBOL Programming Part 2

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This course is designed for students to improve their knowledge of COBOL. Each delegate will write, execute and debug COBOL programs which stress the advanced features of the language. This will include multi-dimensional and variable length tables, sub-program calls, and VSAM file manipulation. Programming standards and style will be addressed.

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Procedure Division (1 topic)

  • Write statement (printing)

Data Division (8 topics)

  • Edited Data
  • Alphanumeric Edited
  • Numeric Edited
  • Simple Insertion
  • Special Insertion
  • Fixed Insertion
  • Floating Insertion
  • Suppression and Replacement

Program Control (1 topic)

  • Perform with Varying

Table Handling (8 topics)

  • Table Handling
  • Table Access (Subscripting and Indexing)
  • Lookup Tables
  • OCCURS Clause
  • Variable Length Tables
  • Multi-Dimensional Tables
  • SET Statement
  • SEARCH Statement

Subprogram Linkage (8 topics)

  • Subprograms
  • Use of static and dynamic calls
  • CALL statement
  • CANCEL statement
  • Coding a subprogram
  • ENTRY statement
  • GOBACK statement
  • Subprogram Linkage

Data Manipulation (5 topics)

  • INITIALIZE statement
  • INSPECT statement
  • STRING statement
  • UNSTRING statement
  • Reference Modification

VSAM File Processing (8 topics)

  • VSAM File Processing
  • OPEN statement
  • START statement
  • READ statement
  • WRITE statement
  • REWRITE statement
  • DELETE statement
  • CLOSE statement

INtrinsic Functions (3 topics)

  • Character-based intrinsic functions
  • Arithmetic intrinsic functions
  • Date/Time related intrinsic functions


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    Classroom Virtual Classroom Private Group - Virtual Self-Paced Online

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