Implementing an IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Infrastructure

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This course for Lotus Domino or Sametime administrators who want to deploy a Lotus Sametime server in an existing Lotus Domino environment. Students will manage the deployment of Lotus Sametime within the fictitious company Worldwide Corporation. The course intent is to provide an environment analogous to the tasks students will perform back at their jobs.

This course is designed for Lotus Domino or Sametime administrators who are new or experienced with Lotus Sametime and who need to deploy and manage Lotus Sametime in an enterprise environment.

Delegates will learn how to:

  • Install an IBM  Lotus  Sametime  server in an existing IBM  Lotus  Domino  Domain.
  • Establish the appropriate IBM  Lotus  Sametime  security mechanisms for your environment, control web access to server databases, and implement token authentication.
  • Configure ports on the IBM  Lotus  Sametime  server.
  • Configure the Sametime Community and Meeting Services.
  • Configure Recorded Meeting Broadcast Services on an IBM  Lotus  Sametime  server.
  • Configure audio/visual services on the IBM  Lotus  Sametime  server.
  • Monitor the status and operations of an IBM  Lotus  Sametime  server.
  • Set user policies.
  • Identify the capabilities and features for IBM  Lotus  Sametime  Advanced.

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Configuring Token Authentication

Configuring Ports and Network Connectivity (3 topics)

  • Configuring IBM Lotus Sametime Connectivity
  • Configuring Networks and Ports on the IBM Lotus Sametime Server

Configuring Community Services and Meeting Services

Configuring the Recorded Meeting Broadcast Services

Configuring the Recorded Meeting Broadcast Services (3 topics)

  • Broadcast Services Server Components and Clients
  • Broadcast Services Settings
  • Troubleshooting Broadcast Services Performance Issues

Configuring the Audio/Video Services (3 topics)

  • Audio/Video Services
  • Testing Audio/Visual Equipment
  • Interactive Audio/Video Settings

Monitoring the IBM Lotus Sametime Server (2 topics)

  • Logging IBM Lotus Sametime Server Events
  • Using IBM Lotus Sametime Server Monitoring Tools

Setting User Policies (4 topics)

  • Assigning IBM Lotus Sametime Policies
  • Managing IBM Lotus Sametime Users
  • Managing IBM Lotus Sametime Groups
  • Adding IBM Lotus Sametime Server Administrators

IBM Lotus Sametime Advanced Capabilities and Features (1 topic)

  • Features of IBM Lotus Sametime Advanced


Completion of the following IBM Lotus Domino courses or equivalent knowledge, skills, and experience: IBM Lotus Domino 8 System Administration Operating Fundamentals (L8ND750) Building an IBM Lotus Domino 8 Infrastructure (L8ND760) Managing IBM Lotus Domino 8 Servers and Users (recommended) (L8ND770)

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