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This course reviews the Cisco Unified Connection architecture, its components, functionality, and features, preparing delegates with the knowledge to implement, integrate, administer and manage Cisco Unity connection Release 7.0

After you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Review Cisco Unity Connection operational modes, platform sizing, and deployment models
  • Install Cisco Unity Connection in standalone server or active-active server cluster operational mode
  • Integrate, troubleshoot, and monitor Cisco Unity Connection by preparing for Microsoft Active Directory and Cisco Unified Communications Manager and implementing digital networking
  • Use COBRAS to migrate from Cisco Unity to Cisco Unity Connection
  • Configure and review Cisco Unity Connection settings required to support voice mail and integrated messaging users
  • Manage users and user features using BAT and the Bulk Edit utility, importing users from Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Microsoft Active Directory, and implement integrated messaging features such as calendaring, ViewMail for Outlook, and RSS feeds

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Identifying the Supported Platforms for Cisco Unity Connection (3 topics)

  • Identifying the Functions, Capacity, and Features of Cisco Unity Connection
  • Identifying the Server Platforms Available for Running Cisco Unity Connection
  • Understanding the Supported Desktop Browsers to Access Cisco Unity Connection

Reviewing Deployment Models for Cisco Unity Connection (5 topics)

  • Standalone Deployment Model
  • Digital Networking Deployment Model
  • Active-Active High-Availability Deployment
  • Digital Networking with Active-Active Pairs
  • VPIM Networking

Licensing for Cisco Unity Connection (3 topics)

  • License Features and the FlexLM Process
  • Workspace Licensing
  • License Installation Process

Identifying Integration Options for Cisco Unity Connection (4 topics)

  • Integration Capabilities of Cisco Unity Connection
  • Extended Integration Options and Features Available with Cisco Unity Connection
  • VPIM Networking Options with Cisco Unity and Cisco Unity Express
  • VPIM Networking Using the Cisco Unified Messaging Gateway

Gathering and Verifying Installation Information (7 topics)

  • Identifying Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Identifying Browser Requirements
  • Configuring the Hardware Platform
  • Verifying DNS Registration Options
  • Gathering Network and Administration Information
  • Operating the Cisco Unified Communications Answer File Generator
  • Troubleshooting Network Errors During the Installation

Installing Cisco Unity Connection (3 topics)

  • Navigating Within the Installation Wizard
  • Starting the Installation
  • Performing Post-Installation Tasks

Initializing Cisco Unity Connection Services (3 topics)

  • Examining Installation Log Files
  • Changing the Default Application User Passwords
  • Activating Additional Cisco Unity Connection Services

Setting Up Administrator Workstations (2 topics)

  • Configuring Browser Settings
  • Installing and Activating the Real-Time Monitoring Tool

Installing a Second Node to Initiate Active-Active Redundancy (4 topics)

  • Verifying First-Node Parameters
  • Adding the Second Node to the Cluster
  • Installing the Second Node
  • Verifying Installation

Implementing Dial Plans (3 topics)

  • Dial Plan Implementation
  • Adding, Modifying, and Deleting Partitions
  • Adding, Modifying, and Deleting Search Space

Managing Call Routing (3 topics)

  • Implementing Call Routing
  • Managing Direct Incoming Call Routing
  • Managing Forwarded Incoming Call Routing

Managing System Settings (10 topics)

  • Managing Class of Service
  • Managing Templates
  • Managing Handlers
  • Managing Directory Handlers
  • Managing Interview Handlers
  • Managing Conversations
  • Managing Digital Networking Locations
  • Managing VPIM Locations
  • Managing Enterprise Parameters
  • Managing Service Parameters

Integrating the Phone System (2 topics)

  • Integrating Cisco Unity Connection to Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Integrating Cisco Unity Connection to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express


* A working knowledge of LANs * A working knowledge of WANs * A working knowledge of IP switching and routing * Basic internetworking skills- CCNA recommended * Knowledge of traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) operationsincluding PBX and Voice-mail administration tasks. * Basic understanding of Cisco Unified Communications Manager

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