CICS Web Enablement

3 Day Course
Hands On

This course has been retired. Please view currently available C and C++ Training Courses.


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Why Use CICS With The Internet?

Introduction To The Internet (6 topics)

  • TCP/IP
  • Web Browsers
  • HTML and URLs
  • HTTP and Ports
  • Javascript
  • Java and Applets

Overview Of CICS Web Services Technologies (9 topics)

  • CICS Web Services
  • CICS Gateway for Java
  • Websphere Web Server
  • 3270 Bridge
  • BMS/HTML and new DFH macros
  • Front End Programming Interface(FEPI)
  • External Call Interface(EXCI)
  • External Presentation Interface(EPI)
  • EXCI and WebSphere

Application Design Considerations (7 topics)

  • Re-using existing applications
  • Applications with separate business and presentation logic
  • Applications without separate presentation logic
  • Transaction construction considerations
  • Security
  • Digital Certificates
  • Encryption

Session Management (Pseudo-Conversational Programs) (4 topics)

  • Cookies vs Temp Storage vs Commarea
  • TS Management and CICS Commands
  • Garbage Collection
  • Time Out considerations

CICS Web Interface (14 topics)

  • Structure
  • CWS Listener CSOL and CWXN
  • IBM Standard URL
  • Hard vs Soft URLs
  • Converters
  • Analyzers
  • Writing Custom Converters
  • WEB Aware Programs
  • WEB Unaware Programs
  • 3270 Bridge
  • NEW EXEC CICS WEB Commands
  • Sample application exercise

Workshops (12 topics)

  • Review of the CICS definitions and URL layout required to drive the CWI
  • Testing the CWI using the CICS supplied test program
  • Running CICS Supplied Transactions using the 3270 BRIDGE
  • Legacy - Web Unaware Programs
  • Creating HTML templates from BMS code
  • Exporting and importing the HTML template to Notepad on a PC
  • Modifying HTML output using New BMS DFH MACROS
  • Testing 3270 based transactions using the 3270 BRIDGE
  • New - Web Aware Programs
  • Code HTML templates in Notepad on the PC
  • Code programs on the Mainframe
  • Run and test the programs from a Browser on the Internet/Intranet

Summary (1 topic)

  • The whole CICS Internet picture in perspective


The participant should have a sound understanding of the CICS environment. Some internet experience would be advantageous but is not essential.

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