Advanced Assembler Language

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This course is suitable for System Programmers, Technical Support and Software Programmers and Advanced Application Programmers who need the ability to write and debug Assembler Language programs and better understand the software that their installation uses.

After completing this course students should be able to:

Develop a better understanding of the machine and how it processes instructions.
Develop the skill to write assembler programs, particularly those small functions which will increase the efficiency of their corporation's computing throughput.
Gain a practical introduction to the essential operating system interfaces with Assembler.
Enhance their diagnostic skills.
Improve their dump analysis skills.
Enhance their ability to use advanced management services.
Enable themselves to code their own macro definitions.
Enhance their knowledge of Channel Programming and how it works.
Improve their programmers design abilities.

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Instruction Set (continued) (12 topics)

  • EX Execute
  • MVS I/O Needs
  • DOS I/O Needs
  • C Compare Function
  • CH Compare Halfword
  • CR Compare Register
  • CDS Compare Double and Swap
  • BCT Branch on Count
  • BCTR Branch on Count Register
  • BXH Branch on Index High
  • BXLE Branch on Index Low or Equal
  • BAL Branch and Link

Binary Conversion (4 topics)

  • PACK Pack Instruction
  • CVB Convert to Binary Instruction
  • CVD Convert to Decimal Instruction
  • UNPK Unpack Instruction

Binary Arithmetic (9 topics)

  • AR Add Register Instruction
  • A Add Instruction
  • AH Add Halfwork Instruction
  • SR Subtract Register
  • SH Subtract Halfword
  • MH Multiply Halfword
  • M Multiply
  • D Divide
  • DR Divide Register

Decimal Arithmetic (9 topics)

  • AP Add Pack Instruct
  • CP Compare Decimal Instruction
  • DP Divide Decimal
  • ED Edit
  • EDMK Edit and Mark
  • MD Multiply Decimal
  • SRP Shift and Round Decimal
  • SD Subtract Decimal
  • ZAP Zero and ADD

Boolean Functions (13 topics)

  • XR Exclusive OR Register
  • X Exclusive OR
  • XI Exclusive OR Immediate
  • XC Exclusive OR Character
  • OR OR Register
  • O OR Instruction
  • OI OR Immediate
  • OC OR Character
  • NR And Register
  • N And Instruction
  • NI And Immediate
  • NC And Character
  • TM Test Under Mask

Linkage Instructions (2 topics)

  • BAS/BASR Branch and Save Register
  • BSM Branch and Set Mode

Shift Instructions (7 topics)

  • SLDA Shift Left Double
  • SLS Shift Left Single
  • SRDL Shift Right Double Logical
  • SLSL Shift Left Single Logical
  • SRDA Shift Right Double
  • SRS Shift Right Single
  • SRSL Shift Right Single Logical

Translate (2 topics)

  • TR Translate
  • TRT Translate and Test

New Instructions (22 topics)

  • Linkage Convention, Register Convention, Save Area for Calling Program, Non Reentrable
  • Program, Reentrable Program
  • Supervisor Services
  • Creation of Subtask MVS Control Block
  • Structure, Task Creation, ATTACH Macro
  • DOS Control Block Structure DOS ATTACH
  • IDENTIFY Add and Entry name MVS
  • SNAP Dump Virtual Storage
  • Extended Specify Task Abnormal
  • Exit
  • Branch Table

Macro Language (30 topics)

  • Basic Concept
  • Macro Definition, Model Statement, Points of Substitution, Types of Variable Symbol,
  • Processing Statement
  • Symbolic Parameters
  • Positional Parameters
  • Keyword Parameters
  • Model Statements
  • Concatenation Rules
  • Conditional Assemblies
  • Macro Comments
  • System Variable Symbols & SYSDATE, & SYSECT, & SYSLST, & SYSNDX, & SYS
  • Name Entry of Macro Instruction
  • Sublist
  • Ampersand
  • Conditional Assembler Language
  • Set Symbol
  • Logons
  • Globals
  • Sequence Symbols
  • Local Definition/Globals
  • SETA
  • SETC
  • SETB
  • AIF
  • Macro Workshop

Channel Programming


When attending this Advanced Assembler course, the assumption is that the delegate attending will be very familiar with the instruction set as outlined in the first Assembler course. The course includes all the new instructions that IBM has made available. Most of the course time will be handling the remaining instructions that were not discussed in the first course and the new instruction set.

Additional Learning

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  • Assembler Language

    This 4-day Assembler Language training course provides ability to write and debug Assembler language programs and understand the software their installation uses.

    4 Day Course Hands On Training Official Curriculum Course Code A1
    Classroom Virtual Classroom Private Group - Virtual Self-Paced Online

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