Endpoint Security - Media Encryption

1 Day Course
Hands On
Official Check Point Curriculum
Code CP-MER70

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Course Topics (14 topics)

  • How to apply Endpoint Security - Media Encryption in a corporate environment where appropriate, based on use and methodology
  • Given your corporate network's structure and security policies, how to select the Endpoint Security - Media Encryption components best suited to address security requirement
  • Given corporate requirements, how to install and configure Endpoint Security - Media Encryption Server
  • How to determine the most appropriate settings necessary to apply corporate requirements using the Endpoint Security - Media Encryption Management Console
  • How to create and apply profile templates using Device Manager, Removable Media Manager, Encryption Policy Manager, and Program Security Guard
  • How to create and apply users, computers, and user and computer groups for Endpoint Security - Media Encryption according to corporate Security Policy requirements
  • How to install and deploy Endpoint Security - Media Encryption Client
  • How to test the deployed profiles using pre-constructed security risks
  • How to execute actions to initiate alerts for PSG, RMM and EPM
  • How to add a new device using the Device Configuration Editor in the management console, and test the new device from the client
  • How to encrypt, decrypt and verify removable media using the Encryption Policy Manager
  • How to use Endpoint Security - Media Encryption's internal logging and auditing functions to track and monitor user actions
  • How to configure and execute reports based on Endpoint Security - Media Encryption audit events using pre-configured reports
  • By filtering audit events, how to identify a new device to add into Device Manager using the Device Configuration Editor in the administration console


General knowledge of TCP/IP, working knowledge of Windows and/or UNIX, working knowledge of network technology, working knowledge of the Internet.

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