Check Point Endpoint Security Full Disk Encryption

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This course teaches you how to configure and manage an Endpoint Security FDE protected device using the Endpoint Security FDE Management Console. You will learn the details of hard-disk encryption, and how best to deploy Endpoint Security FDE in your organization.

Delegates attending this course will learn:

  • Given Privileged Permissions and Permissions Settings as defined in Endpoint Security FDE, define the role of users and administrators in your organization.
  • Considering Endpoint Security FDE 's encryption technology, choose the most suitable method for authenticating each user type.
  • Install and confirm the installation of Endpoint Security FDE for the administrator with the installation CDs.
  • Determine access levels for Endpoint Security FDE users and create user profiles.
  • Select the suitable authentication method for a given deployment.
  • Prepare a strategy to deploy Endpoint Security FDE to all company endpoints.
  • Install Endpoint Security FDE on a user's machine to initiate encryption and observe the installation process from the user's perspective.
  • Perform basic profile maintenance procedures such as updating and upgrading profiles from client computers, and using Remote Help to re-permit locked-out users access to their systems.
  • Configure Service Accounts for handling recovery files, update profiles, and upgrade packages.
  • View and use the Local Event Database for monitoring an Endpoint Security FDE audit.
  • View and transfer the local log file to the central log file.
  • Create and deploy an uninstall profile from client computers.
  • Develop a plan for recovering encrypted information from a hard disk.
  • Customize the pre-boot environment.
  • Troubleshoot a failed installation and repair corrupted boot sectors.
  • Install and configure SmartCenter for Endpoint Security -WebRH for Web-based remote help.
  • Manage Organizational Units to control user access and permissions.
  • Provide remote help to Endpoint Security clients using SmartCenter for Endpoint Security -WebRH.

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Course Topics (5 topics)

  • Installing Endpoint Security FDE
  • Creating configuration sets and profiles
  • Deploying Endpoint Security FDE Removing user profiles
  • Using Remote Help Uninstalling from removable media
  • Upgrading Pointsec PC 6.3 to an Endpoint Security FDE R70 installation


Working knowledge of TCP/IP, Windows and/UNIX, network technology, and the Internet.

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