SmartCenter for Pointsec - MI R70 (Endpoint Security Series)

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This course provides you with an overview of the management theory for SmartCenter for Pointsec MI and then takes you through a “compact” demonstration installation of the product. Once installed, the course then guides you through the interface, and provides exercises in adding the necessary secondary framework components for managing Check Point Endpoint Security products.

Delegates attending this course will be able to:

  • Identify the Management Philosophy of SmartCenter for Pointsec - MI
  • Identify the server and client side components of the MI framework
  • Distinguish between a software module and security module
  • Execute a “compact” installation of SmartCenter for Pointsec - MI
  • Initiate authentication with the Keybox
  • Recognize the elements that make up the MIMC
  • Access the User Collector information in the MIMC
  • Access Software & Security module information in the MIMC
  • Execute the Directory Scanner GUI Execute the SmartCenter for Pointsec - MI Management Console MIMC
  • Define the virtual and physical architecture of SmartCenter for Pointsec - MI
  • Compare and Contrast Active Directory OU management structure vs SmartCenter for Pointsec - MI OU management structure
  • Recognize the elements used in the Di Directory Scanner GUI
  • Identify the mechanisms used by the Directory Scanner in SmartCenter for Pointsec MI
  • Distinguish between objects in the Virtual Directory Structure and the replicated OUs
  • Distinguish between the Device Agent and User Collector
  • Configure and Deploy Full Disk Encryption via SmartCenter for Pointsec - MI

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Course Topics (10 topics)

  • Installing & Configure SmartCenter for Pointsec - MI
  • Installing the Connection Point, Management Console, Directory
  • Scanner and Framework Services
  • Configuring and Deploying The Device
  • Creating the Download Location
  • Configuring the Connection Point, Download Location and Poll Timers
  • Creating the Device Agent Installation Package Installing the Device Agent Installation Package Configure the Device Agent from the GUI and The User Collector
  • Installing the Full Disk Encryption Module
  • Creating the Full disk Encryption Installation Package
  • Configuring User Accounts and Security Settings Deploying Full Disk Encryption to Client Machines


Working knowledge of Active Directory, Windows Server Administration, SQL Database Administration, network technology and the Internet.

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