CAG2001 - Implementing Citrix Access Gateway 9.0 Enterprise Edition

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This course is designed to provide real-world experience, hands-on labs allow learners to configure an Access Gateway server and then connect to the server using the Configuration Utility.

This course is an instructor-led training course with classroom discussion, demonstrations and the practical application of concepts through hands-on exercises.

This course is intended for IT professionals, system architects and system engineers.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners are able to demonstrate the following objectives:

  • Understand how the Access Gateway Enterprise Edition differs from the Standard and Advanced Editions.
  • Perform the initial configuration of the Access Gateway server.
  • Install Access Gateway Plug-ins for Windows, ActiveX and Java.
  • Configure VPN virtual servers.
  • Create policies to customize VPN behavior.
  • Customize client experience and login pages.
  • Configure Access Gateway to integrate with XenApp and WANScaler.
  • Create and configure policies and profiles

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Deploying the Citrix Access Gateway (7 topics)

  • Access Gateway Features
  • Access Gateway Product Line
  • Identifying Access Gateway Hardware Platforms
  • Identifying the Access Gateway Hardware Components
  • Identifying Network Placement Options
  • WANScaler Integration
  • Identifying Deployment Considerations

Performing an Initial Installation and Configuration (9 topics)

  • Access Gateway Installation
  • Logging in to the Access Gateway
  • Setting the Password
  • Managing Licensing
  • Enabling Access Gateway Features
  • Initial Configuration
  • Understanding Virtual Local Area Networks
  • Running the Access Gateway Wizard
  • Saving the Configuration

Performing Basic Administration (8 topics)

  • Access Gateway Administrative Tools
  • Introducing the Configuration Utility
  • Introducing the Command-Line Interface
  • Introducing FreeBSD
  • Using Third-Party Tools
  • Access Gateway Management
  • Performing an Upgrade
  • Managing Role-Based Administration

Configuring Policies (10 topics)

  • Policy Structure
  • Policy Types and Their Uses
  • Policy Expressions
  • Identifying Qualifiers
  • Identifying Operators
  • Identifying Operands, Wildcards and Context-Sensitive Fields
  • Policy Priority
  • Policy Manager
  • Using Policy Manager
  • Creating Policy Expressions

Configuring Access Policies (14 topics)

  • Endpoint Analysis
  • Configuring Pre-Authentication Policies
  • Authentication Policies
  • Configuring Authentication Policies
  • Authorization Policies
  • Configuring Authorization Policies
  • Session Policies
  • Configuring Credential Passing
  • Timeout Settings
  • Configuring Timeout Settings
  • Client Cleanup
  • Configuring Client Cleanup
  • Split Tunneling
  • Configuring Split Tunneling

Providing User Access (7 topics)

  • Plugin Options and Configuration
  • Displaying Client Options and the Configuration Window
  • Connection Methods
  • Deploying Access Gateway Plugins
  • Configuring Clientless Access
  • Client Software Selection
  • Configuring Access Choices

Customizing the User Experience (8 topics)

  • Intranet Applications
  • Configuring Intranet Applications
  • Intranet IP Addresses
  • Configuring Intranet IP Addresses
  • Traffic Policies
  • TCP Compression Policies
  • Configuring TCP Compression Policies
  • Login Page Customization

Securing XenApp Connections (13 topics)

  • XenApp Overview
  • ICA Proxy Mode
  • Configuring ICA Proxy Mode
  • Binding the Secure Ticket Authority
  • Configuring Web Interface Failover
  • Web Interface Connections through Access Gateway
  • Configuring Web Interface for Access Gateway Connections
  • File Type Association
  • Configuring File Type Association
  • SmartAccess
  • Configuring SmartAccess
  • Configuring XenApp for SmartAccess
  • Configuring Access Scenario Fallback

Auditing and Logging (11 topics)

  • Syslog and Nslog Auditing
  • Configuring Audit Servers
  • Configuring Global Auditing Parameters
  • Configuring Auditing Policies
  • Binding Auditing Policies
  • Viewing Recent Audit Messages
  • Viewing Historical Audit Messages
  • Access Gateway Log Management
  • Monitoring Tool
  • User Connection Management
  • Historical Reporting

Configuring High Availability (7 topics)

  • Introduction to High Availability
  • High Availability Node Configuration
  • Configuring Nodes
  • Verifying High Availability Status
  • Performing Synchronization
  • Performing a Forced Failover
  • High Availability Management


# Basic knowledge of application and network protocols, devices and commonly used tools (such as IP, HTTP and DNS) # Basic knowledge of network management and auditing protocols (such as SNMP and Syslog) # Working knowledge of basic routing and layer 2 switching concepts # Working knowledge of commonly used network appliances (such as load balancers, firewalls, routers and switches) # Practical experience with troubleshooting tools (such as protocol analyzers Ethereal/WireShark and NetMon) # Knowledge of AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) protocols (such as LDAP or RADIUS) # Basic knowledge of command line interfaces # Basic knowledge of VPN concepts # Knowledge of desktop operating systems and desktop security concepts (such as antivirus software and personal firewalls)

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