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The case for Agile methods is proven. Agile has escaped the confines of the technical community is now on the business agenda of all progressive companies. Increasingly, organisations that use PRINCE2, PMI and other ‘traditional’ approaches to Project Management are seeking to benefit from the introduction of Agile methods. It may at first appear that there is an incompatibility between Agile and PRINCE2., PMI and similar
methods – and it is true that using them together is not straightforward. However the potential benefits are huge, and when approached properly the issues can be addressed and can be resolved in a way that builds on the strengths of both. This training course considers the leading Agile approaches including eXtreme Programming, Scrum, DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method) Atern, the Agile/Open Unified Process and Lean Software Development. It examines the issues, risks and benefits of implementing Agile alongside PRINCE2, PMI and similar traditional methods, and presents proven solutions through examination of the implications and practical Case Studies.

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Course Topics (14 topics)

  • PRINCE2, PMI, traditional PM and Agile philosophies, synergies and tensions
  • Agile PRINCE2 / PMI Project Organisation
  • Directing an Agile Project and the role of the Project Board
  • Agile Project Start-up, Initiation and the PID
  • The role of the Business Case on an Agile project
  • Planning and Control of Agile projects, releases and iterations
  • Agile Risk Management
  • Managing Agile Project Stage Boundaries
  • Agile Configuration Management and Change Control
  • Agile Project Management Products and Agile Project Reporting
  • Agile Project Tolerance and Managing Agile Product Delivery
  • Assurance of an Agile project
  • Quality in an Agile Project Environment
  • Integration and transitioning to Agile


Delegates should have existing experience managing projects in a PRINCE2 or PMI PMBOK methodology based environment.

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