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SERIOUS™ Selling is an innovative, consultative-based sales training programme with a proven track record of success in the dealing with high value, complex sales. It provides a sales framework to help you:

Build and win bigger deals, Bring business in sooner, Beat your competition!

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Getting SERIOUS (1 topic)

  • An introduction to the course, participants and materials

Situational Fluency (3 topics)

  • Understanding the Key areas for preparation
  • Qualification and its importance at the earliest stages of a sale
  • How to be SMART

Engagement (4 topics)

  • Identify the people with the authority to make or influence decisions in your favour
  • Multi-Level selling
  • Selling across the business
  • Building a Key Introductory Message

Requirements (5 topics)

  • The psychology of why people buy
  • The 3 stages of Customer need
  • Questioning for results
  • The top questioning technique
  • Professional Listening

Implications (5 topics)

  • The power of Diagnosis
  • Advanced questioning skills
  • The power of Metrics
  • The benefit of Benefits
  • Qualifying IN

Objection Handling (3 topics)

  • Why Objections are good
  • The 3 “C's” of Objection Handling
  • The 3 Golden Rules

Unique (3 topics)

  • Differentiation
  • Building a Personal Brand
  • Winning the Competitive Battle

Success (4 topics)

  • The final steps to success
  • Understanding a Customers Decision Making Process
  • Closing techniques
  • The Perfect Plan

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