Managing Pressure and Dealing with Stress

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This course helps the delegate to identify the numerous aspects which cost organisations millions of pounds both directly and indirectly as a result of not paying sufficient attention to the physical and emotional well being of the labor force. Participants will learn many common sense tips and techniques to measurably reduce the adverse effects of stress or overload in their lives. More importantly, this programme examines strategies to eliminate the strong negative stress culture which so many organisations subliminally subscribe to.

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Pressure or Stress? (5 topics)

  • Fact or Fiction, Pressure or Stress? - Exposing the Myths
  • Defining Stress & Stressors.
  • Recognizing Stress in yourself and others.
  • The positive aspects of pushing to the limit.
  • Achieving Peak Performance.

Personal Awareness (4 topics)

  • Developing Personal Awareness of the factors which support an Unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Measuring your Stress Scale.
  • The Physiological Effects of Stress.
  • Understanding our physical responses to Stress.

Building a Stress Free Culture (4 topics)

  • Strategies to eliminate Stress Carriers at work.
  • Top Tips for helping to prevent 'Excessive Stress' in your life
  • Identifying and eliminating the Stress Carriers at work.
  • Planning the desired environment, identifying the key challenges, opportunities and milestones ahead.

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