Managing Pressure and Dealing with Stress

3 Day Course

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Personal Skills Training Courses.


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Pressure or Stress? (5 topics)

  • Fact or Fiction, Pressure or Stress? - Exposing the Myths
  • Defining Stress & Stressors.
  • Recognizing Stress in yourself and others.
  • The positive aspects of pushing to the limit.
  • Achieving Peak Performance.

Personal Awareness (4 topics)

  • Developing Personal Awareness of the factors which support an Unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Measuring your Stress Scale.
  • The Physiological Effects of Stress.
  • Understanding our physical responses to Stress.

Building a Stress Free Culture (4 topics)

  • Strategies to eliminate Stress Carriers at work.
  • Top Tips for helping to prevent 'Excessive Stress' in your life
  • Identifying and eliminating the Stress Carriers at work.
  • Planning the desired environment, identifying the key challenges, opportunities and milestones ahead.

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