VMware View: Install, Configure and Manage

4 Day Course
Hands On
Official VMware Curriculum

This course has been replaced by the VMware Horizon View: Install, Configure and Manage v5.2 course.


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Course Introduction

VMware View Overview (1 topic)

  • VMware View features and components

View Connection Server (2 topics)

  • Installation and configuration
  • View Administrator console

View Virtual Desktops (3 topics)

  • VMware View Agent
  • USB redirection and multimedia redirection
  • PCoIP and other remote display protocols

Client Options (2 topics)

  • VMware View Portal
  • Thin clients and offline desktops

VMware View Administrator (2 topics)

  • Automated desktop pools
  • Persistent and nonpersistent pools

Linked Clones (2 topics)

  • VMware View Composer configuration
  • Deploying and modifying Linked Clone desktops

Unified Access (2 topics)

  • Accessing physical systems, blade PCs
  • Terminal Services

Virtual Printing (1 topic)

  • Seamless printing from desktop to client printers

View Security Server (1 topic)

  • Network configuration and authentication options

View Manager Performance and Scalability (1 topic)

  • Performance enhancements and load balancing

VMware ThinApp (2 topics)

  • Deploying applications using VMware ThinApp


Required: Achievement of a passing score on a short, online pretest. Recommended: Completion of VMware vSphere: Install and Configure or equivalent experience with VMware ESX and vCenter Server.

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