Understanding IP and Datanetworking

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Our introduction to IP and Data Networking course is aimed at professionals who work for tech organisations but aren’t involved in the direct delivery of their organisations tech offering. For instance this course is suited to sales and marketing professionals or project managers who will be working alongside tech teams who will be dealing with IP and Data Networking projects. 

The course covers the key concepts of IP and Data Networking and looks at important terminology that’s associated with the topic. After completing the course attendees will have obtained enough knowledge to confidently discuss the important aspects of IP and Data Networking with members of their team and clients. IP and data networking are involved in so many different communications technologies from email, voice transmissions and even next generation TVs. Training your staff, who aren’t involved in the day­to­day hands on involvement of these projects, can bring a number of benefits. 

First of all if your non­technical staff are fluent in the terminology used around these topics they will be able to communicate with clients and prospects much more effectively and confidently. These improved levels of communication and confidence can help your sales and marketing staff win more business. It also means your project management teams can save a lot of time when communicating with your existing clients. If they have a good technical knowledge of the issues they’re discussing with clients then they won’t need to go back and forth with the technical teams to convey information. This kind improved efficiency can drastically boost productivity in both your technical and project management teams. 

As IP and Data Networking technologies cover so many different fields the opportunities to develop new solutions and products in this area are almost endless. By training more members of your organisation on these kinds of technologies you increase your business capacity to develop new ideas and solutions. 

Everyone has different outlooks and opinions on business issues, especially those in different business roles. For example sales staff will be exposed to different issues than your technical team will. Giving your sales team the technical knowledge and understanding will allow them to address the issues they face and potentially improve your business's overall offering.

To learn more about what’s involved in the course please take a look at the PDN005 Introduction to IP and Data Networking  course or get in touch to discuss any questions you might have.


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Introduction to TCP/IP Networks (7 topics)

  • Scope of TCP/IP
  • History of TCP and IP
  • Internet community
  • TCP/IP Applications
  • TCP/IP and the Internet
  • IAB
  • RFCs

TCP/IP Protocol Architecture and Foundation (10 topics)

  • TCP/IP Layering
  • Implementation Hierarchy
  • Operating System Considerations
  • Physical transports
  • LANs
  • Ethernet, 802.3
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • WANs
  • Example Physical Transports
  • Protocol Identification

Internet Protocol - In Detail (21 topics)

  • Where IP fits into the Internet Protocol Suite
  • Functions of IP
  • 'Best Efforts' Datagram service
  • Uniform Logical Addressing
  • Fragmentation and Reassembly
  • Addressing: Classless and Classesful
  • Dotted Decimal Notation
  • Deploying IP Address Classes
  • Loop-back addressing and testing
  • IP Headers and their functions
  • Version field
  • Header Length
  • TOS
  • Datagram ID
  • Fragmentation
  • Flags
  • Time To Live (TTL)
  • Protocol field
  • Addresses
  • Options
  • Unicasting and Multicasting

Below IP (10 topics)

  • IP over different physical networks
  • SNAP
  • IP over SDH
  • IP over Gigabit Ethernet
  • IP over Frame Relay
  • Bridging and Switching
  • Tunneling with PPTP
  • Address Resolution
  • Troubleshooting problems and tools

Internetworking with Routers (15 topics)

  • Internet and Intranets
  • Concepts of an IP Network and subnetwork
  • Unique addressing
  • Private Addresses
  • Network Addressing
  • Net-masks
  • Network and host addresses
  • Routing Tables
  • Routing Protocols
  • RIP, OSPF and BGP4
  • Concept of metrics
  • Distributed Dynamic Routing
  • Static and source routing
  • Network Address translation
  • Firewalls

Above IP (13 topics)

  • Transport Services
  • Virtual Circuit Services
  • Datagram Services
  • Client Server Operation
  • Well known ports
  • Peer to peer operation
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • Example Applications
  • Email
  • World Wide Web
  • IP Television
  • Multimedia


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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The training was delivered with a high level of expertise and excellence. Instructor was highly knowledgeable.”

Technical Trainer, Aviat Networks

Overall the course was really good, the trainer really understood the material and was very approachable.”

Customer Training Manager, Aviat Networks

Excellent course, informative and well-paced.”

CSE, Cisco

Course was very well outlined. Topics were great and bridged many gaps.”

System Engineer, Cable & Wireless

An excellent intro to video encoding & MPEG transport streams - I would definitely recommend it.”

Broadcast Engineer, Cisco

Definitely an excellent intro. Left me interested in learning more.”

Broadcast Engineer, Eircom

Excellent training course with real examples and practical classroom demonstrations.”

Transport Designer, Orange

Instructor knowledge and experience was excellent.”

Solutions Engineer, Akamai

Excellent course, very clear and well organised. Course content delivery was very good.”

Assistant Engineer, Dhiraagu

Very informative and appropriate.”

Network Support Technician, BT

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