Enterprise Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework

5 Day Course
Hands On
Official Microsoft Curriculum
Code QAEDNF-35

This course has been replaced by the Enterprise Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework course.


Course Topics (12 topics)

  • Leverage the assembly versioning capabilities built into .NET
  • Describe the built-in .Net security features
  • Describe the various authentication options available
  • Work with legacy components use threads and other asynchronous programming techniques
  • Use the built-in Xml serialization capabilities
  • Describe and use appropriate data manipulation approaches including LINQ
  • Use the event logs and performance counters
  • Describe how WCF can be used to address the communication issues
  • Describe how Workflow can be used to combine units of business functionality
  • Describe the usage of the Enterprise Library
  • Setup and use a Continuous Integration / Test Driven Development / Mock Object approach to building robust and reliable s/w
  • Describe the various deployment options available


# Some familiarity with the main .NET35 technologies of WF and WCF # Are comfortable using Visual Studio 2005 or later (VS2008 is used on this course) # Have some familiarity with WindowsForms2 and/or ASP.NET2 # Are comfortable with the C# language # Attending the course “Understanding .NET3.5” would give sufficient familiarity

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