Adobe Premiere Pro 2: Introduction

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Adobe Premiere is an industry standard digital video editing tool. Premiere’s powerful editing features allow you to easily combine composite video, DV, audio, animation, still images and graphics in a single presentation.

This two day intensive course will give you a comprehensive grounding in Adobe Premiere and provide the skills to bring your ideas to life.

Our trainers are experienced digital video editors who have produced commercial video sequences for broadcast, multimedia and the web. The course covers hints and tips on timing, video effects and compression methods that can make all the difference to your final video production.

This two day course provides an excellent introduction to digital video - widely predicted to be one of the fastest growing areas over the next few years.

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Introduction to Premiere (15 topics)

  • Premiere's user interface
  • Importing a video clip
  • Displaying video clips
  • Viewing and defining video and audio properties
  • Displaying video clips
  • Using presets to simplify
  • the setting options
  • Using video windows
  • Using jog and shuttle
  • Using the Timeline display
  • Displaying time references
  • Using the Info window
  • Using video insert and overlay
  • Controlling audio mixing levels
  • Editing in Timeline or program windows

Project Management (8 topics)

  • Accessing multiple source material
  • Using thumbnails and clip descriptions
  • Using the Project Settings dialog box
  • Importing multiple video clips
  • Importing different graphics and audio file formats
  • Importing from CD
  • Using the Automate
  • Timeline command

Editing (3 topics)

  • Using the time ruler
  • Using the Track Select, Rolling edit and the sliding edit tools
  • Previewing and rendering using the Ripple tool

Ripple Delete (2 topics)

  • Solving SYNC Problems
  • Locking layers

Special Effects (4 topics)

  • Using standard effects
  • Using transitions
  • Using Premiere's built in effects/transitions library
  • Hints and tips on using effects

The Image Processing Filters (5 topics)

  • Using colour replace
  • Using blur
  • Using emboss
  • Using image pan
  • Creating video noise

Record and Play (7 topics)

  • Capturing video and audio
  • Playing video footage from the hard disk
  • Variable video playback speeds
  • Moving instantly to any frame
  • Batch digitising multiple video clips
  • Automatic timecodes
  • Manual timecodes

Motion Control (5 topics)

  • Animating video clips along a path
  • Layering digital images
  • Using audio processing filters
  • Support for additional effects
  • Using plug-in image filters

Video Assembly and Output (8 topics)

  • Select and drag assembly of segments
  • Outputting at different sizes
  • Outputting at different frame rates
  • Quicktime compression modules
  • Using Save for Web output
  • Using Advanced Windows Media export
  • Advanced RealMedia export
  • Using web markers

Compositing/Superimposing (5 topics)

  • Working with layers
  • Chromakey techniques
  • Generating mattes in Premiere
  • Using multilevel transparencies
  • Keying separate levels

Professional Features (5 topics)

  • Working with virtual clips
  • Precision audio editing
  • Exporting from Adobe Premiere
  • Compression methods
  • Optimising video playback

Exporting Your Project (5 topics)

  • Exporting options
  • Exporting for multimedia
  • Exporting for the web
  • Codecs
  • Tips and good practice

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