Adobe Premiere CS3: Advanced

2 Day Course
Hands On
Official Adobe Curriculum
Code MT095

This course has been retired in favour of the CS4 and CS5 versions.


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Overview of features (6 topics)

  • Media handling
  • Effective media management
  • Batch capture procedures
  • How to recapture material into a project
  • Archiving Premiere projects
  • Effective use of scratch disks

Optimising your system (6 topics)

  • Working in realtime: what hardware is needed?
  • Adding a PAL or NTSC monitor
  • Setting external video parameters
  • Opening multiple projects
  • Checking playback settings
  • Working with third party video capture cards

Advanced editing (9 topics)

  • Using Ripple and Roll
  • Using Slip and Slide
  • Replacing clips retaining attributes (eg: filters)
  • Using the Trim window
  • AB vs single track editing
  • Unlinking video and audio
  • Editing hints and tips
  • Using multiple, nestable timelines
  • Inserting FLV cue points

Working with effects (5 topics)

  • Using Effects controls
  • Channel and Directional blur
  • Masking effects
  • Using After Effects filters
  • Keyframing effects

Importing files (5 topics)

  • Importing from Photoshop
  • Importing Photoshop layers as a sequence
  • Using effective graphics
  • Photoshop integrations
  • Working with transparency and Alpha channels

More about text (8 topics)

  • Using the text tool
  • Looking at optimised fonts
  • Using text on a path
  • Using kerning and leading
  • Using textures
  • Creating rollers and crawls
  • Creating text backing straps
  • Hints and tips for effective text creation

Using sound (5 topics)

  • Sample level editing
  • VST filters
  • Nesting sound tracks without rendering
  • Track based effects
  • 5.1 surround sound

Working with motion and transparency (6 topics)

  • Setting keyframes
  • Using alpha channels
  • Using the colour key
  • Using a track matte
  • Using improved slo-mo
  • Time remapping

Exporting video (8 topics)

  • Exporting to tape
  • Exporting for broadcast
  • The importance of de-interlacing
  • Integration with After Effects
  • Exporting for the web
  • Exporting stills
  • Output to mobile devices
  • An effective export guide

Exporting to DVD (7 topics)

  • The Export to DVD feature
  • Burning to DVD
  • Integrating with Adobe Encore DVD
  • Using the Quicktime and Adobe MPEG formats
  • Encoders
  • Working with variable bit rates
  • Hints and tips on producing effective material

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