Adobe Premiere CS3: Introduction

2 Day Course
Hands On
Official Adobe Curriculum
Code MT096

This course has been retired in favour of the CS4 and CS5 versions.


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Introduction to Premiere (11 topics)

  • Premiere's user interface
  • Importing a video clip
  • Displaying video clips
  • Viewing and defining video and audio properties
  • Using presets to simplify the setting options
  • Using video windows
  • Using the Timeline display
  • Displaying time references
  • Using video insert and overlay
  • Controlling audio mixing levels
  • Editing in Timeline or program windows

Project management (7 topics)

  • Accessing multiple source material
  • Using thumbnails and clip descriptions
  • The Project Settings dialog box
  • Importing multiple video clips
  • Using multiple flexible bins
  • Importing different graphics and audio file formats
  • The Automate to Timeline command

Editing (5 topics)

  • Using the time ruler
  • Using the Track Select, Rolling edit and the Sliding edit tools
  • Previewing and rendering using the Ripple tool
  • Solving SYNC Problems
  • Locking layers

Special effects (4 topics)

  • Using standard effects
  • Using transitions
  • Using Premiere's built in effects/transitions library
  • Hints and tips on using effects

The image processing filters (4 topics)

  • Using colour correction
  • Using blur
  • Using image altering controls
  • Creating text

Record and play (5 topics)

  • Capturing video and audio
  • Playing video footage from the hard disk
  • Variable video playback speeds
  • Batch digitising multiple video clips
  • Automatic timecodes

Motion control (6 topics)

  • Resizing and moving video layers
  • Layering digital images
  • Using audio processing filters
  • Support for additional effects
  • Using plug-in image filters
  • Using time remapping

Compositing and superimposing (4 topics)

  • Working with layers
  • Key techniques
  • Generating mattes in Premiere
  • Using transparency

Professional features (6 topics)

  • Precision audio editing
  • Exporting from Adobe Premiere
  • Dynamic integration with other Adobe applications
  • Using Adobe OnLocation (Windows only)
  • Compression tips and tricks
  • Optimising video playback

Exporting your project (10 topics)

  • Quicktime/RealPlayer compression modules
  • Using Save for Web output
  • DV, HDV and High Definition video formats
  • Exporting for broadcast
  • Exporting for multimedia
  • Exporting for the web
  • Exporting for mobile devices
  • Using Device Central
  • Embedding video into a PDF file for distribution
  • Tips and good practice

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