z/OS VSAM and Access Method Services

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Code SS83GB

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VSAM specialists ­take charge of VSAM data sets with the IDCAMS utility. Practical course builds on prior knowledge of JCL and OS/390 Concepts

This course is suitable for Storage Administrators, Data Base Administrators, Systems Analysts, Operations Analysts, Application Programmers, and Systems Programmers.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Interpret and code the Access Method Services (IDCAMS) commands to:
  • Define and load VSAM clusters
  • Define and load alternate indices
  • List catalog entries
  • Alter catalog entries
  • Delete catalog entries
  • Print data sets
  • Calculate the DASD space requirements for VSAM clusters
  • Code the JCL for use with Access Method Services (IDCAMS) and application programs which process VSAM clusters
  • Use IDCAMS and JCL options to improve the performance of a given VSAM jobstream
  • Reorganise, backup, and recover VSAM and non-VSAM data sets
  • Interpret an Access Method Services listing of an ICF catalog
  • Select and use the appropriate documentation to utilise VSAM and IDCAMS

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VSAM Dataset Organisation and Structure (11 topics)

  • OS/390 Catalogs
  • IDCAMS Commands
  • JCL for VSAM
  • Application Coding Considerations
  • VSAM Integrity and Security
  • IDCAMS Alter
  • Alternate Indexes
  • Reorganisation, Backup and Recovery
  • Problem Analysis Aids
  • Linear Data Sets
  • Data Windowing Services SS83GB


Before taking this course, students should attend OS/390 Job Control Language course (ES07GB), or Fundamental System Skills in z/OS and OS/390 (ES10GB), or have equivalent working knowledge of JCL.

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    Classroom Virtual Classroom Private Group - Virtual Self-Paced Online

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