ITIL V2 Managers to V3 Expert Diploma Bridge

5 Day Course
Code ITM2-3BRD

This course has been retired. Please view currently available ITIL Training Courses.


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Introduction (1 topic)

  • ITIL V3 background and structure, and reasons for the ITIL refresh

Service Management as a Practice (2 topics)

  • The concept of a Service.
  • The concept of Service Management

The Service Lifecycle (2 topics)

  • Service Lifecycle objectives.
  • Creating business value

Service Strategy (6 topics)

  • Establishing an overall strategy for IT Services & ITSM.
  • Fully understand how Service Assets are the basis for Value Creation.
  • Define and explain Value Creation through Services.
  • Implementing the four main activities in the Service Strategy process.
  • Implementation issues.
  • New process and roles :- Service Portfolio Management (SPM).

Service Design (8 topics)

  • Establishing solutions to meet requirements.
  • Understanding the five major aspects of Service Design.
  • Comparing and evaluating different Service Sourcing approaches and options.
  • Implementation issues.
  • New and changed processes and roles in Service Design :-
  • Service Catalogue Management.
  • Information Security Management (ISM).
  • Supplier Management

Service Transition (6 topics)

  • Managing service transition and release policy.
  • The Service V model.
  • Testing and acceptance criteria.
  • Implementation issues.
  • New and changed processes and roles in Service Transition :-
  • Release and Deployment Management

Service Operation (4 topics)

  • Management of IT Services.
  • Managing conflicting balances in Service Operation.
  • Interfacing 'Self Help' capabilities.
  • Implementation issues

New and changed processes and roles in Service Operation (3 topics)

  • Event Management.
  • Request Fulfilment.
  • Access Management

New and Changed Functions (3 topics)

  • Technical Management.
  • Application Management.
  • IT Operations Management (IT Operations Control and Facilities Management).

Continual Service Improvement (7 topics)

  • Managing improvements to IT Services and ITSM Processes.
  • The Continual Service Improvement Model.
  • Establishing Baselines.
  • The '7 step' improvement process.
  • The Deming PDCA model.
  • The importance of metrics in Improvement.
  • Implementation issues

Technology and Architecture (3 topics)

  • Benefits of automation.
  • Generic requirements
  • Operational requirements

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