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JBoss Seam is a powerful new application framework for building next generation Web 2.0 applications by unifying and integrating technologies such as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), Java Server Faces (JSF), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB3), Java Portlets and Business Process Management (BPM).

The JBoss Seam Essentials course covers the JBoss Seam framework and various core features such as context, conversation, component essentials,events and error handling, jBPM, administration & configuration with JBoss application server and Tomcat web server, Facelets, JSF & EJB3 essentials, Rich client applications, security, as well as new and exciting features in the JBoss Seam framework.

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A solid background in Java programming is necessary. The JB167 Hibernate Essentials course or equally comparable Hibernate/JPA experience is a prerequisite. Students must be familiar with the JEE (Java EE 5) Specification, the Enterprise JavaBeans 3 Specification, and the Persistence Framework (JPA). Students also should have a sound understanding of web and/or application servers (e.g. Tomcat or JBoss).

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