TCP/IP Debugging for z/OS

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This course gives you the skill required to diagnose and debug TCP/IP problems when operating on z/OS. This skill consists of commands and tools, knowledge and a method to approach TCP/IP problems. The lab activity and the paper projects will provide some real problems to debug.

Suitable for any personnel that has to operate on TCP/IP networks and provide support to solve communication problems on OS/390.

The main objectives for the students that attend this course are:

Learn what commands are useful in OS/390 environment to control the TCP/IP resources, the TELNET application and debug TCP/IP simple network problems.

Learn which trace types (Packet, TELNET, FTP and so forth) are available in OS/390 environment and understand:

  • What kind of information can be found in a Trace
  • When and how to activate a trace
  • How to interpret a trace
  • Use the proper diagnostic technique to approach TCP/IP problems:
  • Describe the Syslog function in the UNIX environment and know how to configure the /etc/syslog.conf file
  • Use TCP/IP applications during a connection with hosts that use ASCII character coding.
  • Perform some practical activity that consist in activating and interpreting some trace types,and debug some real problems concerning various application protocols.

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Use tools and methods for failure capture and discovery (9 topics)

  • Methodology for dealing with TCP/IP for OS/390 failures
  • Operator commands
  • Common failures and faults case-study:
  • Security, Translation tables, Socket interface, Routing, Telnet, Name resolution and more...
  • Logical connections between server and clients
  • Addresspaces for TCP/IP in OS/390
  • Network interfaces
  • Internal communication between TCP/IP tasks
  • Start and end traces, format trace reports and analyse them with OS/390 system tools


Course CB691GB - TCP/IP on 0S390 and good experience of OS/390

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