Servicing IBM xSeries Servers Part 2 (XW0001) (XW00A1GB)

3 Day Course
Code XW00A1GB

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You will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to take the final test in the Process of becoming an authorised warranty servicer on IBM xSeries Servers.

This course is intended for service personnel who wish to perform service and warranty
on high end IBM xSeries Servers

By the end of the course Students will be able to perform the following:

  • Identify the serviceability features of xSeries high-performance
  • Describe the advanced technologies used in xSeries servers
    and their service implications
  • Describe the management characteristics of xSeries servers
  • Perform a series of set-up, configuration and troubleshooting tasks on xSeries servers and associated

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Course Content (13 topics)

  • The course is a 3 day event and will include Instructor led lecture and lab exercises
  • The lab exercises include the following:
  • Locations, removals flash updates and diagnostics
  • NOS installation
  • ServRaid
  • Using the RSA
  • Using the BMC
  • Dynamic systems analysis
  • Scale xSeries 445 Systems
  • Scale xSeries 460 systems
  • Replace a RSA in a multi node system
  • Problem solving


Strongly recommended (mandatory in some locations) •A+ Certification •Server+ Certification Required Servicing IBM xSeries Servers – Part I (XW2001) (Mandatory)

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