z/OS Concepts and Facilities

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This course provides the attendee with an introduction to IBM’s mainframe environments with the emphasis on z/Architecture and z/OS (MVS), IBM’s strategic mainframe operating system. The course also provides an overview of all the associated software and system components that comprise the complete system.

This course is suitable for all programmers, senior operations staff and other IS personnel requiring an understanding of z/OS.

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The mainframe in the world of IT – today and tomorrow (4 topics)

  • What is a mainframe?
  • The hardware components; MVS versions; IBM mainframe machine models; z/Architecture, PR/SM and LPAR - hardware partitioning.
  • I/O devices in IBM mainframes
  • I/O peripherals, ESCON/FICON, DASD & RAID, Tape and Virtual Tape devices, IOCP, HCD.

Overview of main MVS functions (1 topic)

  • Running programs in MVS: jobs, started tasks, TSO, ASCH/APPC , OMVS; job management and Job Entry Subsystem (JES); memory management; Input/Output processing; Sysplex and Parallel Sysplex.

The complete z/OS system (1 topic)

  • MVS, JES and DFSMS/MVSdfp and other mandatory components; networking software (SNA/VTAM and TCP/IP); transaction systems and database systems: CICS, IMS, DB2; programming and developer tools; the packaging.

Working with MVS (1 topic)

  • Logging on to TSO, Using ISPF, Using the UNIX shell, ISHELL, Batch processing, Writing JCL.

Data management (1 topic)

  • ICF catalogs, VTOCs, HSM and SMS.


Attendance of Introduction to the Mainframe Computing Environment or equivalent knowledge is recommended

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