DFSMSrmm Implementation

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Code SS21GB

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Learn how to implement the Removable Media Manager (DFSMSrmm) functional component of DFSMS/MVS and optional features of z/OS. DFSMSrmm provides life cycle management of tape data which includes scheduling of tape volumes to and from storage locations (vaults).

This course is suitable for those responsible for implementing life cycle management for tape data using DFSMSrmm (a component of z/OS DFSMS). Personnel implementing DFRMM may also find the course beneficial.

On completion you will be able to:

  • Select DFSMSrmm options suitable for your installation
  • Create a control data set and journal for DFSMSrmm
  • Define DFSMSrmm tape policies (Vital Record Specifications - VRS) for retention and movement.
  • Create procedures for: Starting DFSMSrmm, initializing tapes and performing control data set backup
  • Use the DFSMSrmm utilities to: Produce volume inventory and movement reports, perform control data set reorganization and perform control data set recovery
  • Use the SYS1.SAMPLIB samples to produce additional reports.
  • Identify access control requirements for using DFSMSrmm functions

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Those attending this course should understand basic MVS allocation and sequential processing such as can be obtained in Storage Management Fundamentals (SS06GB). The student should also be able to code MVS job control language statements (JCL) for tape data sets.

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