Customer Care over the Telephone

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Do you need to be able to build and maintain a rapport with your customers over the telephone?

Do you want to be confident that you’re understanding their requirements and responding appropriately?

This course is designed to help you build and maintain rapport with customers through developing business and effective communication skills. This will help your organisation make a great first impression every time. You will benefit from this course if you use the telephone to communicate with internal and external customers.


Delegates will learn how to:

  • Portray to your customer a positive image of your company
  • Portray to your customer a positive image of your company
  • Demonstrate the importance of taking responsibility to achieve customer satisfaction
  • Obtain from customers a clear understanding of their expectations
  • Handle challenging callers calmly and confidently
  • Demonstrate how you will reassure customers that their needs will be satisfied

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Course Outline (14 topics)

  • Establish personal objectives for the course
  • Personal experiences of customer service over the telephone
  • Portraying a positive image over the telephone
  • Personal assessment of your telephone skills
  • Meeting the expectations of our customers
  • The contribution of voice and content to the call
  • Structuring a call with a customer
  • The importance of the greeting
  • Building rapport
  • Handling challenging customers
  • Questioning techniques and listening skills
  • Projecting a positive, take action, attitude
  • Ways of making your customer feel valued and important
  • Completion of a personal action plan

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