Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Introductory Certificate in Management

5 Day Course
Code PDCMIM3-1

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Management Skills Training Courses.


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Developing Yourself (6 topics)

  • Understanding:
  • what 'management' is and what skills and knowledge are required by an effective manager
  • the importance of seeking feedback on your skills and knowledge
  • how to set effective objectives
  • the need to manage your own time well

Information & communication (9 topics)

  • Understanding:
  • the need for clear, relevant, accurate, and timely information
  • the communication process
  • the different types of information (qualitative and quantitative)
  • the main methods of gathering and analyzing information
  • the main methods of communicating information or advice to others and when
  • when they should be used, including presenting information, preparing a report and via meetings

Customer focus & quality, continuous improvement & change (7 topics)

  • Understanding:
  • who are your internal and external customers and suppliers
  • the market place within which you operate
  • quality, quality assurance and control, and why they are important
  • why 'continuous improvement' is necessary
  • how people are affected by change and ways of helping them adapt

Planning & monitoring (10 topics)

  • Understanding:
  • the hierarchy of objectives
  • the need for effective objectives eg SMART
  • the main principles of effective planning
  • health & safety issues and your related role and responsibilities
  • the recruitment and selection process
  • the need to identify the resources required to operate effectively
  • the main legal requirements relating to health & safety, recruitment and selection, and resourcing
  • the importance of monitoring plans and resources to ensure that objectives are successfully achieved

Working with others (8 topics)

  • Understanding:
  • how good working relationships can be encouraged and developed
  • the principles of leadership
  • what motivates/demotivates people
  • the importance of respect, trust and confidentiality
  • the need to help others develop their skills and knowledge
  • performance problems and possible solutions/approaches

Learning outcomes (9 topics)

  • On completion of this qualification you will know how to:
  • Prepare and carry out a development plan for yourself.
  • Identify customer needs.
  • Gather, analyse and communicate information effectively.
  • Set objectives, identify resources required, prepare a plan (taking due account of any relevant major legal issues) and monitor it.
  • Establish good working relationships with others.
  • Assist others to develop and address performance problems.
  • You will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of quality, continuous improvement and change in your answers


There are no specific entry requirements for this qualification. However, to aid progression, candidates should satisfy the prior learning guidelines for the Institute’s Level 3 Certificate in Management.

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