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This course is designed for decision makers, managers, project managers, system analysts and people with some technical background who want an overview of the capabilities of the Oracle database.  This course is designed to give delegates an understanding of the concepts of an Oracle database, its capabilities and features. A product overview covers the basic features of the Oracle database such as Oracle architecture, database objects, transaction processing and security. By the end of this course delegates will be able to identify the main features that are available with an Oracle database; be able to understand the architecture of an Oracle database and to identify the Oracle data types and database structures.

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Course topics: (9 topics)

  • Database Concepts
  • Oracle Product Sets
  • Oracle Database Objects
  • Oracle Architecture
  • Real Application Clusters Technology
  • Oracle Security Features
  • The Tool Sets For Administering And Configuring An Oracle Database
  • Backup And Recovery Concepts
  • Database Optimization


Some technical knowledge and in particular a basic understanding of Relational Database Systems is required. Experience of, or attendance on, Relational Databases & Data Modelling Overview (RDBO)

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