Organising Work and Time

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Do you want to make sure you’re achieving the most from the time available?
Do you want to be able to achieve your high-priority goals
Do you want to be able to identify, and solve, your key time management issues?

Time cannot be saved, the clock ticks relentlessly. However, we can use the time we have available to accomplish results that matter. The key is to develop systems that will help us achieve our high priority goals – work smarter not harder.

This course is designed to help you identify your key time management issues, develop strategies to minimise interruptions, say ‘no’ to Time Thieves and achieve your priorities.

You will benefit from this course if you want to make the best use of the time available, to do what needs to be done in a timely manner.

Pre course work:

To enable Individuals to maximise the benefit and enhance your course involvement you will be required to complete three days of time logs. These form an integral part of the course and will be included in the course joining instructions.

Anyone who want to make the best use of the time available to do what needs to be done in a timely manner will benefit from attending this course.


Delegates will learn how to:

  • Define the 10 principles of time management
  • Identify your key time management issues and how they relate to your key work objectives
  • Implement goal-setting techniques
  • Identify your preferred working style and how to control procrastination
  • Apply the Pareto principle to your energy cycle
  • Develop strategies for preventing and controlling interruptions to your plans
  • Apply time management tools and techniques to the roles and tasks you undertake
  • Recognise how delegation can assist in management of your time


Course Outline (17 topics)

  • Establish personal objectives for the course
  • Review of pre-course time-logs
  • Adair ten principles of time management
  • Completion of personal time profiles
  • Goal setting and SMART goals
  • The LEADS process
  • The four Ds of time management
  • Setting priorities - defining urgency and importance
  • Procrastination
  • Developing an effective 'to-do' list
  • Planning your time
  • Determining your working style and time management
  • The Pareto principle
  • Planning your day.
  • Delegation
  • Tips for managing phone calls and managing interruptions
  • Completion of a personal action plan

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