Successful Business Presentations

2 Day Course

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Good presentation skills are a vital part of an individual’s portfolio. They can add impact at meetings, make a sales pitch more dynamic and advocate one’s case convincingly.

This course concentrates on assisting attendees to create dynamic and interesting presentations and will benefit everyone who has to make presentations.


Delegates will learn how to:

  • Explain what makes a good presentation
  • Identify how to plan, and provide a logical structure to your presentation
  • Contrast different techniques to identify topics to include
  • Describe how you can control your presentation through aims, resources, materials and self
  • Demonstrate how to use visual aids effectively
  • Use non-verbal communication to your advantage
  • Recognise how your verbal language impacts your audience
  • Manage group participation effectively and maintain audience interest
  • Review how to handle challenging questions
  • State techniques to help handle nerves
  • Produce a personal action plan

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to create dynamic and interesting presentations or wants to improve on existing practises will benefit from attending this course.

Additional Information

Pre-course work:

Please bring any materials that you can use during the presentations you will be expected to deliver on the course.


Outline (15 topics)

  • Establish personal objectives for the course
  • Fears and concerns about presenting and how to address them
  • What makes a good presentation?
  • The definition of a presentation
  • Keeping control of your presentation
  • The importance of body language
  • Common faults in presenting
  • Planning a presentation
  • The structure of the presentation
  • Strategies for keeping it interesting
  • The art of persuasion - what benefits are you giving your audience?
  • The significance of your language
  • Handling nerves
  • Individual and group presentation practise and feedback
  • Completion of a personal action plan

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