Negotiating Skills

2 Day Course

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Do you need to make deals that will result in successful implementation?
Would positive, productive relationships with your suppliers, customers, and teams transform your organisation?
This course will enable you to achieve success in the formal and informal negotiations that take place throughout your working and daily life.


Delegates will learn how to:

  • Utilise skills and frameworks for successful negotiation preparation
  • Analyse what your organisation and your counterpart’s organisation want
  • Assess the relative values of the concessions you trade before committing to an agreement
  • Identify and leverage the sources of negotiation power
  • Adopt a flexible approach to meeting negotiation stakeholder needs
  • Apply collaborative negotiation structures and techniques
  • Create buy-in
  • Deal effectively with tactics
  • Construct creative solutions
  • Communicate strategically for mutual benefit.


Course Outline (9 topics)

  • Your current negotiation style.
  • 5-Step Negotiation Structure.
  • Power Bases and How to Leverage them.
  • The Language of Effective Negotiators.
  • Collaborative Negotiation Techniques.
  • Dealing Productively with Tactics.
  • Adding Value in Negotiations.
  • Strategic Questioning.
  • Personal action planning.


You should have compelling reasons to learn how to negotiate successfully and/or experience of negotiations in a commercial context.

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