Managing Successful Programmes to Foundation (inc examination)

3 Day Course
Official Curriculum

This course has been replaced by the MSP Foundation 2011 course.


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Introduction and Overview (1 topic)

  • Drivers for change, the need to focus on benefits, critical success factors, programme management and the transformational flow.

Programme Management Themes (11 topics)

  • Defining and discussing the basic principles that underpin the definition, governance and delivery of a programme. Including:-
  • Organisation and leadership (Defining the programme management team, cross organisational programmes and integrating project organisations)
  • Benefits Realisation Management (Identifying and defining benefits, developing a benefit management strategy and tracking and reviewing benefit realisation)
  • Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement (Defining leadership, identifying and analysing stakeholders, defining a stakeholder management strategy and planning communications)
  • Blueprint Design and Delivery (The importance of the blueprint and the blueprint and its relation to other programme information)
  • Risk Management and Issue Resolution (The risk management strategy, identifying and responding to risk, embedding risk management, the issue resolution process and defining an issue resolution strategy)
  • Quality Management (Quality management strategy, configuration management and assessing and reviewing quality)
  • Business Case Management (Evolution of the business case and business case management)
  • Vision (The importance of a clear and consistent vision and defining an ideal Vision Statement)
  • Programme Planning and Control (Contributions to the programme plan, delivering a portfolio of projects in tranches, monitoring progress and the resource management strategy)

The Transformational Flow (1 topic)

  • Describing the programme lifecycle and the typical governance activities, responsibilities and information requirements for each flow element from identifying and defining a programme through managing the tranches, and the eventual closure of the programme

Case Studies (1 topic)

  • A realistic case study scenario is used throughout the course to allow delegates to consolidate their knowledge of MSP in a practical setting through syndicate work.


Delegates need at least a basic awareness of programmes and project work in the delegate' own business environment.

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