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The RHCT Lab Exam is bundled with RH133, Red Hat System Administration, but may be taken separately. Prospective enrollees in RH202 should consider taking RH033, Red Hat Linux Essentials, and RH133 in preparation for the exam, but these courses are not required in order to take it.

RH033 Red Hat Linux Essentials
RH133 Red Hat Linux System Administration

Candidates are also advised that real-world system administration experience is an important aspect of preparation for the exam, and that study without such experience is unlikely to result in success.

The RHCT certification exam consists of two parts conducted in a half-day session. The exam is performance-based, meaning that candidates must perform tasks on a live system, rather than answering multiple choice questions.

The two parts of the RHCE exam are:

Section I: Troubleshooting and System Maintenance (1 hour)
Section II: Installation and Configuration (2 hours) In order to pass the Red Hat Certified Technician exam, you must meet all of the following requirements:

Who should Attend?

  • People who have taken multiple-choice Linux certifications and wish to add a performance-based certification to their credentials
  • People who have taken RH133 and/or RH253 prior to Red Hat’s offering the RHCT certification
  • People who have taken the RH301 Red Hat Linux Rapid Track course who might not be ready to undertake the RHCE, but believe they are prepared to take the RHCT
  • Experienced Linux and Unix system administrators whose job roles do not involve configuration of networking services and security
  • Developers working in a Linux environment who need to maintain their own development system or who wish to gain a better understanding of system administration practices and procedures
  • People working for OEM’s that factory-install Red Hat Linux
  • People who wish to earn an RHCE and view RHCT as a milestone on that path
NOTE: Individuals already in possession of an RHCE would not benefit by taking RHCT, as the RHCE is a more advanced credential that supercedes the RHCT.

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Successful completion of all troubleshooting problems in Section I (all troubleshooting problems are compulsory); A score of 70 percent or higher on Section II, Installation and Configuration. Candidates will be emailed exam results within three business days following the exam.

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