Oracle 9i Discoverer for Administrators

2 Day Course

This course has been retired in favour of the newer 10g Discoverer for Administrators course.


Topics Covered (18 topics)

  • Introduction to Discoverer Concepts
  • Creating and Maintaining the EUL
  • Creating Business Areas
  • Managing and Developing a Business Area
  • Granting Access to a Business Area
  • Granting End User Privileges
  • Simple, Complex and Custom Folders
  • Managing Folders
  • Managing Folder Items
  • Importing and Exporting from the EUL
  • Creating and Using Joins
  • Creating and Using Calculations
  • Using Custom PL/SQL Functions
  • Working with Conditions
  • Creating Date and Item Hierarchies
  • Using Summary Folders
  • Using the Automated Summary Management Feature (ASM)
  • EUL Status Workbooks


Attendance on the Pre-Requisite courses or similar knowledge. Pre-Requisite Courses: Oracle Discoverer Desktop for End Users Oracle SQL

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