J2SE (TM) 5.0 Installation Management and Troubleshooting

2 Day Course
Code DTJ-280

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Installing and Configuring the JDK (3 topics)

  • Install the J2SE JDK 5.0 on the Solaris OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux
  • Describe the JDK 5.0 directory structure
  • Describe Sun-supported processor and OS configurations for the JDK

Examining and Tuning the JVM (4 topics)

  • Examine the JVM architecture
  • Examine garbage collection
  • Review JVM hidden options
  • Tune the JVM

Monitoring and Management Using JMX (5 topics)

  • Examine the JMX architecture
  • Use managed beans (MBeans) to instrument an application component
  • Examine MXBeans
  • Use the JConsole program to monitor and manage the JVM and application components
  • Configure the JMX connector

Debugging Applications With the Java Debugger (3 topics)

  • Collect information in preparation for debugging
  • Correlate source code lines to bytecode
  • Use the Java debugger

Creating Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning Tools (5 topics)

  • Examine the Java 5.0 observability API and tools
  • Examine agent tools
  • Examine class file structure
  • Create an agent using the java.lang.instrument API
  • Create an agent using the JVM TI API

Diagnosing and Troubleshooting the JDK Software (6 topics)

  • Classify failure symptoms
  • Associate troubleshooting tools and options with the failure symptoms
  • Acquire skills in using troubleshooting tools and options
  • Diagnose application crashes
  • Diagnose hangs and looping processes
  • Diagnose application use case failures


To succeed fully in this course, students should have a working knowledge of the Java programming language and some familiarity with the concepts of memory management, threads, debugging, and performance tuning

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