Expression Web 2007 Level 1

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You want to make some information available on the Internet. To do this, you might want to design, build, and upload a website. The features and functions in Expression Web will enable you to create a website to suit your requirements.

Course Objective:

You will create a website using Microsoft Expression Web.

Target Student:

This course is intended for students who want to create web pages and websites in a graphical application

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Getting Started with Expression Web (3 topics)

  • Topic 1A: Overview of Website Development
  • Topic 1B: Explore the Expression Web Interface
  • Topic 1C: Customize the Expression Web Interface

Designing the Layout of a Website (4 topics)

  • Topic 2A: Define a Website
  • Topic 2B: Design Layouts Using Layout Tables
  • Topic 2C: Define Standard Layout Components
  • Topic 2D: Create a Dynamic Web Template

Adding Content to a Website (6 topics)

  • Topic 3A: Create a Home Page
  • Topic 3B: Add Text to a Web Page
  • Topic 3C: Import Pages to a Website
  • Topic 3D: Format Text
  • Topic 3E: Work with Tables
  • Topic 3F: Work with Images

Formatting a Website Using CSS (5 topics)

  • Topic 4A: Introduction to CSS
  • Topic 4B: Create an External Style Sheet
  • Topic 4C: Attach an External Style Sheet
  • Topic 4D: Create an Internal Style Sheet
  • Topic 4E: Modify an External Style Sheet

Working with Links (4 topics)

  • Topic 5A: Create Hyperlinks
  • Topic 5B: Create Bookmark Links
  • Topic 5C: Format Text Hyperlinks
  • Topic 5D: Create a Hotspot

Adding Interactivity (4 topics)

  • Topic 6A: Add an Interactive Button
  • Topic 6B: Open a Page in a New Browser Window
  • Topic 6C: Create a Rollover
  • Topic 6D: Add an Audio File

Finalizing a Website (5 topics)

  • Topic 7A: Check for Accessibility
  • Topic 7B: Check for Compatibility
  • Topic 7C: Generate CSS Reports
  • Topic 7D: Check the Site Summary Report
  • Topic 7E: Publish the Website


Although experienced users will appreciate the extensive functions of Expression Web, no technical background is required to use the software. However, it may be helpful if a student has completed the following Element K courseware: HTML 4.01: Web Authoring, Level 1 (Second Edition) and Cascading Style Sheets (Third Edition), or has equivalent knowledge from another source.

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