Sun Java System Application Server SE/EE 8.1 2005Q2: Administration and Deployment

4 Day Course
Code IAS-4444

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Introducing Application Server SE/EE 8.1 (6 topics)

  • Describe the three editions of Application Server 8.1
  • Describe how Application Server SE/EE 8.1 fits into the Java Enterprise System (JES) suites
  • Describe key concepts of Application Server SE/EE 8.1
  • Discuss the key features of Application Server SE/EE 8.1
  • Discuss the developer productivity features provided in Application Server SE/EE 8.1
  • Describe the upgrade and migration tools provided by the Application Server SE/EE 8.1

Management Architecture (8 topics)

  • Describe the main components and concepts of the Application Server SE/EE 8.1
  • Define the entity relationships
  • Illustrate the management architecture
  • Define the Domain Administration Server (DAS)
  • Define the central repository
  • Define the node agent
  • Explain how synchronization works between different components
  • Explain how the JMX API is used in Application Server SE/EE 8.1

Installing Application Server SE/EE 8.1 (9 topics)

  • Describe the key features of the Application Server SE/EE 8.1 installation
  • List the product components of Application Server SE/EE 8.1
  • List the supported platforms for installation
  • List the system requirements
  • Describe the product distribution
  • Describe the installation modes
  • Describe the directory structure after installation
  • Locate the installation log files
  • Identify the sample applications

Configuration and Administration (10 topics)

  • Describe the administration infrastructure
  • Describe the domain configuration
  • Describe the domain.xml file
  • Describe server instance specialization
  • Define dynamic reconfiguration
  • Use the administration tools, including the asadmin utility and the Administration Console (Admin Console)
  • Configure and administer clusters
  • Configure a node agent
  • Back up and restore the domain
  • Define administrative security

Deployment (6 topics)

  • Describe the deployment features in Application Server SE/EE 8.1
  • Describe the JSR-88 Deployment API
  • Describe the deployment life cycle
  • Deploy an enterprise application
  • List the key features of the deploytool 8.1 utility (DeployTool)
  • Discuss deployment features across various Application Server 8.1 versions

HTTP Load Balancing (9 topics)

  • Discuss the concepts of load balancing
  • Describe the features of Application Server 8.1 load balancing
  • Explain the mechanism of load balancing
  • Install the load balancer plug-in
  • Configure HTTP load balancing
  • Define rolling upgrade
  • Perform a rolling upgrade in mixed mode
  • Perform a rolling upgrade in non-mixed mode
  • Enable HTTP load balancing

HADB Basics (10 topics)

  • Describe important features of the HADB
  • Illustrate the HADB hardware architecture
  • Describe how to achieve HA for the HADB
  • Configure a system for the HADB
  • Describe the management architecture
  • Locate the HADB directory and files in Application Server SE/EE 8.1
  • Configure and start Management Agent (MA)
  • Explain how the management client (hadbm) communicates with the MA
  • Perform simple management tasks
  • Use the asadmin command to configure an HA cluster

HTTP Session Persistence (8 topics)

  • Describe the fundamentals of a session and session persistence
  • List the supported features of session persistence
  • Explain the persistence mechanisms
  • Compare the session persistence types
  • Enable HA for SSO sessions
  • Describe the criteria for distributed sessions
  • Describe the availability's different levels
  • Configure HTTP session persistence for HA

RMI/IIOP Load Balancing and Failover (5 topics)

  • Describe the basics of RMI/IIOP
  • Explain RMI/IIOP load balancing and failover subsystems
  • Describe server-side configuration
  • Configure standalone clients and the Application Client Container (ACC)
  • Perform rolling upgrades for applications accessed by application clients

EJB Container High Availability (5 topics)

  • Describe the new EJB container features common to Application Server 8.1
  • Describe SFSB failover
  • Configure SFSB failover
  • Discuss the EJB timer service
  • Describe transaction recovery

JMS Clustering and Failover (7 topics)

  • Describe JMS and the Sun Java System Message Queue 3.6 (Message Queue 3.6)
  • Describe the features of Message Queue 3.6
  • Describe the integration of Message Queue 3.6 with Application Server 8.1
  • Discuss resource adapters in Application Server 8.1
  • Configure JMS
  • Explain connection failover behavior
  • Describe the multiple-broker configuration

Upgrade and Migration (10 topics)

  • Describe Application Server 8.1 compatibility with earlier versions
  • Differentiate between application server upgrade and migration
  • Describe the features of Upgrade Tool
  • Describe the need for application server migration
  • Identify entities that require migration
  • Identify issues in migrating applications from earlier versions of Application Server
  • Describe the Java Application Verification Kit for the Enterprise (Java AVK Enterprise)
  • Describe the features of Migration Tool
  • Use Migration Tool to migrate applications
  • Use Migration Tool to migrate applications from other platforms

Tuning Performance (7 topics)

  • Identify the performance role of the key web components
  • Discuss performance tuning in Application Server 8.1
  • Describe techniques to tune applications
  • Tune Application Server 8.1
  • Describe techniques to tune for HA
  • Tune the HADB
  • Identify the various tools to tune the performance of Application Server 8.1

Troubleshooting (7 topics)

  • Use various resources to identify Application Server SE/EE 8.1 problems
  • Troubleshoot installation problems
  • Troubleshoot Application Server SE/EE 8.1 start problems
  • Troubleshoot administrative client problems (asadmin and the Admin Console)
  • Troubleshoot Application Server problems
  • Resolve load balancer errors
  • Troubleshoot HADB problems


To succeed fully in this course, students should be: Familiar with the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) Familiar with the Sun Java System Application Server PE 8.1 Able to package and deploy a Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE platform) application to an application server Familiar with Internet protocols Familiar with Java Management Extensions (JMX) technology Familiar with Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) technology Familiar with RMI/IIOP technology Familiar with JMS

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