Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Administration

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Starting with basic Linux knowledge, the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Administration (Course 3086) teaches students the skills needed to successfully administrate SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10.

Key Objectives:

Based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, you will gain familiarity with the core elements of Linux system administration with the focus on desktop administration.

During this course you will learn how to complete the following tasks:

  • Installation
  • Configuration of the desktop environment
  • Software management
  • Management of processes
  • Printing
  • Integration into existing environments
  • Roll out of large installations
  • This course is addressed to those familiar with Windows Desktop (e.g. XP) as user or administrator and who now want to gain in-depth knowledge on tasks a Linux system administrator has to perform routinely on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10.

This course prepares you for Novell CLDA 10

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Enterprise Desktop 10 (12 topics)

  • Install SUSE Linux Entreprise Desktop 10
  • Use the Linux Desktop
  • Locate and use Help Resources
  • Administer Linux with YaST
  • Manage the Network Configuration
  • Manage Software
  • Manage Directories and Files
  • Work with the Linux Shell and Command line
  • Manage Users, Groups and Permissions
  • Monitor the Linux Systems and Control Processes and Services
  • Manage System Initialization
  • Administer Printing


Before attending this course you should be familiar with a Windows desktop. Linux knowledge would be a plus, but is not a prerequisite, as the course covers basic Linux knowledge, like files and file system layout, user management, how to use the shell and basic functionalities of YaST.

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