SQL*Plus Performance Tuning

2 Day Course

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This course is designed for SQL*Plus Programmers, Application Designers/Developers and Technical Support professionals who are required to monitor and tune the performance of an Oracle8i or 9i application. By the end of the course, the delegate will be able to tune applications for optimal performance, optimize SQL*Plus queries for faster access and tune PL/SQL code to reduce disk I/O and reduce network traffic.

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Course topics: (21 topics)

  • Tuning Methodology
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Understanding the SGA and the UGA and the large pool
  • Tuning Database Applications
  • Sizing Extents
  • Structuring Tables and Indexes for Performance
  • Monitoring and Tuning Indexes
  • Structuring SQL Statements for Performance
  • Tuning SQL Statements
  • SQL Optimizer
  • 8i and 9i Optimizer and Query improvements
  • SQL Trace
  • The tkprof command
  • Using explain plan
  • Controlling plan stability with stored outlines
  • Managing statistics with DBMS_STATS
  • Optimizing Top Queries
  • Monitoring Long Running operations
  • Enforce Data Integrity
  • Tune PL/SQL Code


A working knowledge of SQL*Plus and PL/SQL is required. Attendence on SQL*Plus (OSP) and PL/SQL (OPI).

Additional Learning

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    A 2-day Training Course on PL/SQL; Designed for those who need to write program scripts using Oracle's Procedure Language; corresponds to exam 1Z0-001

    2 Day Course Hands On Training Next Date July 19th in Sunderland 54 Scheduled Dates in 7 Locations Course Code OPI

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