Understanding Microsoft .Net 3.5 for .NET 2 Developers - Overview

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An overview of .NET (1 topic)

  • A brisk refresh of what .NET is - the rationale, framework, languages, and overall business benefits

Pre-.NET3.5 Products (1 topic)

  • Console Applications, WindowsForms2, ASP.NET2, Web Services, ADO.NET, DataBinding

Windows Communications Foundation (1 topic)

  • The integrated approach to managing all aspects of application-to-application communcation. Introduces transports, security, declartive and imperative usage.

Workflow Foundation (1 topic)

  • This is the way that many applications will now be written - especially long-running applications. Introduces how to build one, communicate with the outside world, persist the state

Windows Presentation Foundation (1 topic)

  • The best of WindowsForms and the best of Web. Targetted at highly graphical, interactive, dynamic, rich and scalable User Interfaces. WPF finally breaks away from the 20-year old GDI-based technologies.

LINQ (1 topic)

  • Standind for Language Integrated Query, this explains how the language enhancements are geared towards LINQ and how LINQ largely abstracts away the storage differences of different technologies (in-memory, Xml, database, DataSet) to gie a unified programming model.

Cardspace (1 topic)

  • Intrroduces the concept of claims-based security as implemented via Cardspace.

ASP.NET3 (1 topic)

  • AJAX has now come of age in ASP.NET ; together with some extra controls, .NET now offers the complete web environment.

Silverlight (1 topic)

  • The way to make rich internet applications come to life. Includes Silverlight 1.0 and 2.0. This explains how Silverlight technologies can integrate with existing ASP.NET and AJAX to create even richer experiences on the web.

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