Sun Virtualization: Solaris 10 Containers Administration

3 Day Course
Hands On
Code SA-355-S10

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Virtualization Trends in the Datacenter (3 topics)

  • Describe the need for virtualization
  • Describe the benefits of a dynamic datacenter
  • Describe Sun virtualization technologies

Describing Solaris(TM) Zones and Containers (7 topics)

  • Describe zone features
  • Describe zone concepts
  • Describe zone types
  • Identify zone daemons
  • Describe zone models
  • Describe zone networking
  • Describe zone states

Creating, Installing, and Booting Zones (6 topics)

  • Configure and verify zones
  • Export zone configurations
  • Install zones
  • Boot and halt zones
  • Access a running zone from the global zone
  • Complete zone system identification steps in various ways

Connect Storage to Zones (4 topics)

  • Describe different ways to make storage available to zones
  • Use UFS with zones
  • Use LOFS with zones
  • Use ZFS with zones

Managing Packages and Patches Within Zones (5 topics)

  • Describe package management features for zones
  • Use package commands with zones
  • Describe patch management features for zones
  • Use patch commands with zones
  • Describe Solaris 10 OS system update methods available when zones are configured

Configuring Persistent Resource Pools (5 topics)

  • Describe resource management concepts
  • Describe resource pool concepts
  • Configure a persistent resource pool
  • Bind one or more zones to a persistent pool
  • Change a running zone's pool binding

Configuring Resource Management With Zones (5 topics)

  • Describe new zone resource management features in the Solaris 10 OS 8/07 release
  • Describe and implement use of the Fair Share Scheduler class
  • Configure temporary resource pools using zone configurations
  • Configure CPU shares for zones
  • Configure memory capping for zones

Performing Zone Advanced Network Management (4 topics)

  • Describe IP multi-pathing (IPMP)
  • Configure IPMP to support a shared-IP zone
  • Configure exclusive-IP zones
  • Configure IPMP with exclusive-IP zones

Renaming, Moving, Cloning and Migrating Zones (4 topics)

  • Rename zones
  • Move zones
  • Clone zones
  • Migrate zones from one system to another

Performing Zone Backups and Restores (6 topics)

  • Describe creating backups on systems with zones installed
  • Relate non-global zone configurations to backup and recovery requirements
  • Make zone backups from the global zone
  • Make various backups from the non-global zone
  • Understand limitations on backing up loopback file system directories
  • Save and restore non-global zone configuration information

Configuring the lx Branded Zone (4 topics)

  • Describe branded zones
  • Plan, configure, and install an lx branded zone
  • Boot an lx branded zone
  • Configure lx branded zone networking


To succeed fully in this course, students should be able to: Perform basic UNIX(R) tasks Use the vi text editor Describe UNIX devices and common administration concepts Administer systems at a level consistent with having completed the Solaris System Administration part 1 and 2 courses Administer the Solaris 10 operating system Administer systems at a level consistent with having completed the Solaris Network Administration course

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