Adobe ColdFusion Development: Advanced

3 Day Course
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This three day Advanced ColdFusion course provides experienced ColdFusion application developers with the knowledge and practical expertise required to build, maintain and scale effective web applications.

This course will address the following areas: reviewing and extending custom tags, testing and debugging applications, working with complex data types, building structured exception handling, creating web agents, syndicating web content and improving database connectivity through better coding strategies.

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Creating advanced queries (6 topics)

  • The Query Object
  • Toolbox:
  • Summarising and grouping data
  • Transaction processing
  • Querying a query
  • Query caching

Manipulating data with structures (6 topics)

  • Creating structures
  • Manipulating structures with functions
  • Toolbox: variable naming conventions
  • Looping Over structures
  • Using built-in ColdFusion data structures
  • Dynamically evaluating variables

Working with lists and arrays (6 topics)

  • Understanding lists
  • Understanding arrays
  • Manipulating arrays with functions
  • Looping Over arrays
  • Combining data structures
  • Accessing data by value or reference

Persisting data across pages (7 topics)

  • Persistent variables
  • Application variables
  • Locking shared-scope variables
  • HTTP cookie variables
  • Session variables
  • Client variables
  • Toolbox: WDDX

Building user-defined functions (5 topics)

  • Introducing user-defined functions
  • Creating user-defined functions
  • Using variables in functions
  • Passing arguments to UDFs
  • Storing UDFs

Structuring applications with ColdFusion components (7 topics)

  • Introducing components
  • Creating a static component
  • Using CFC self-generating documentation
  • Invoking CFC methods
  • Instance-based components
  • Creating instance-based components
  • Persisting CFC

Reusing code with custom tags (5 topics)

  • Custom tag attributes
  • Setting results on the calling page
  • Calling custom tags
  • Toolbox: graphing data with
  • Using End Tags (optional)

Handling errors (4 topics)

  • Introducing error handling
  • Customising application error messages
  • Understanding the Try/Catch methodology
  • Error-handling strategies

Searching with Verity (5 topics)

  • Searching documents using Verity
  • Toolbox: self-posting forms
  • Searching recordsets using Verity
  • Comparing document and record-set searching
  • Beyond Verity basics

Exchanging data across the internet (6 topics)

  • Introducing
  • Retrieving text with Retrieving WDDX packets with
  • Introducing XML
  • Creating XML documents
  • Retrieving XML data from XML documents
  • Using web services

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