Check Point NGX I R65 Security Administration on Nokia IP Security Platforms

5 Day Course
Code CP-NX65N

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Check Point Training Courses.


R65 Security Administration (18 topics)

  • Identify overall features and benefits of the NSP line.
  • Review the Nokia IPSO design and file structure.
  • Execute the initial setup process of an NSP.
  • Describe the tools available to monitor the status of an NSP.
  • Configure SSH and SSL.
  • Describe the architecture of VPN-1 NGX.
  • Create and modify an NGX Security Policy.
  • Configure and use SmartView Tracker and SmartView Monitor.
  • Configure and use SmartDefense.
  • Configure Hide and Static Network Address Translation (NAT).
  • Explain encryption for VPNs, comparing and contrasting common encryption methods.
  • Configure User, Client, and Session Authentication.
  • Implement LDAP and integrate it with an NGX SmartCenter Server.
  • Select the appropriate backup strategy to meet disaster-recovery requirements.
  • Use NGX upgrade tools and SmartUpdate to upgrade to NGX.
  • Maintain an NSP, installing, upgrading, and backing up Nokia components.
  • Determine the licensing process for VPN-1 NGX.
  • Configure VRRP and SVRRP.


Persons attending this course should have a working knowledge of internetworking concepts and an understanding of TCP/IP, network addressing and subnet masks. They should also have knowledge of basic router concepts as they relate to Layer 3 of the OSI model, including RIPv1 and v2, and static routes. Basic knowledge of networking concepts and topologies, and an understanding of the OSI model is required.

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