DBA Performance & Tuning

5 Day Course
Code OPT

This course has been retired in favour if the newer 10g course.


Topics Covered (16 topics)

  • Tuning Methodology and Considerations
  • Analyzing the Database
  • Oracle Alert and Trace Files
  • Diagnostic and Tuning Utilities
  • Dynamic Performance Views
  • Optimizing Memory Usage
  • Tuning the Operating System
  • Optimising I/O Activity and CPU Usage
  • Optimising Sort Operations
  • Tuning SQL Statements
  • Tuning Rollback Segments
  • Identifying Tuning Contentions
  • Monitoring and Detecting Lock Contentions
  • Monitoring and Detecting Latch Contentions
  • Creating Monitoring Scripts
  • Oracle OEM Packs


A working knowledge of SQL*Plus and Oracle Database Administration is required. This can be obtained by attendance on the Pre-Requisite courses. Pre-Requisites Courses: SQL*Plus (OSP) and DBA Part I - Architecture & Administration (ODA). Note: Before taking any exam, ensure you have the recommended experience.

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