Logical Partitioning for iSeries POWER5-based servers

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Learn basic and advanced concepts of Logical Partitioning (LPAR) for i-Series POWER-5 based servers. Begin with an overview of LPAR on the i-Series, followed by configuration planning and implementation using hands on exercises to create and implement logical partitions. Partial processors, dynamic allocation and reallocation of memory and processors plus interactive CPW buses and I/O devices. Learn to setup a Linux partition, VLAN and use of the LVT LPAR Validation Tool.

This course is aimed at iSeries support specialists, Business Partners and customers implementing LPAR.


  • Understand the functionality of LPAR for i-Series POWER5 based Servers
  • Plan and configure a POWER5 based server for LPAR
  • Review the concepts behind the creation and deletion of partitions
  • Implement and support LPAR on the i-Series POWER5 based servers
  • Describe the function and use of the new LVT
  • Setup (HMC) and use it to partition managed Servers

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LPAR Overview (11 topics)

  • LPAR Overview
  • Partial Processors
  • Linux partitions
  • GUI enhancements via HMC
  • Dynamic resource allocation
  • Planning and configuring LPAR for i-Series POWER5 based servers
  • Using Operations Console with LPAR for i-Series POWER5 based servers
  • LVT
  • LPAR implimentation
  • Upgrading an i-Series system that uses LPAR
  • Managing an LPAR system.


You should have some knowledge of architectural concepts and experience with the i-Series system. Entry Level knowledge of LPAR on current systems is helpful, but not required.

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