AIX 5L TCP/IP I: Configuring

5 Day Course
Hands On
Official Unix Curriculum
Code AU07GB

This course has been replaced by the TCPIP for AIX Administrators course.


AIX 5L TCP/IP I: Configuring (13 topics)

  • TCP/IP protocols and addressing
  • TCP/IP broadcasting and multicasting
  • TCP/IP subnet masking
  • Configuring TCP/IP
  • Configuring Virtual Ethernet
  • Static and dynamic routing
  • Shared Ethernet Adapter
  • Configuring Virtual IP Address (VIPA), multipath routing, dead gateway detection, and network options (no command)
  • Domain Name System (DNS) configuration
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • Introduction to troubleshooting network problems
  • NFS Concepts
  • Configure NFS


Students should have completed the following course: AIX 5L System Administration I: Implementation (AU14GB) Or have the following basic AIX skills: Have a working knowledge of the AIX environment and commands Be able to work with SMIT in configuring your system Be able to edit files with vi (visual editor) Understand file systems, directories, files, and their security Understand the concept of mounting file systems Have a basic knowledge of general networking concepts AIX System Administration I: Implementation (AU14GB)

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