Implementing AIX Security Features

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Learn about the AIX facilities to implement security and compliance policies. During this course you will discuss: security concerns in an IT environment; the AIX commands to implement base system and network security; the aixpert facility to design, implement, check and distribute a security policy. You will also learn about the new features in AIX 6.1: Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Encrypted File Systems, Trusted Execution, Secure by Default and Trusted AIX.

This course in intended for persons who:

  • Wish to learn what the secuirty mechanisms are in an AIX system.
  • Will plan, implement, or distribute a security policy in AIX.
  • The audience for this training include the following:
  • AIX technical support individuals
  • System administrators
  • System architects


  • Describe security threats to a computer system.
  • List the AIX commands and compenents that can meet both the base system and network security threats including how to configure IPSEC and LDAP.
  • Configure, distribute and monitor a security policy and check soxx-cobit compliance using AIXPert and LDAP with Active Directory.  
  • Configure the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) feature in AIX 6.1
  • Implement the encrypted file systems feature of AIX 6.1
  • Implement the trusted execution feature of AIX 6.1
  • Implement the AIX install time options of Secure by Default and Trusted AIX.

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AIX Security (10 topics)

  • Unit 1 - Security in an IT Environment
  • Unit 2 - AIX Base System Security
  • Unit 3 - AIX Network Security
  • Unit 4 - Implementing IPSEC
  • Unit 5 - Implementing LDAP
  • Unit 6- Implementing a Security Policy with AIXpert
  • Unit 7 - Implementing Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Unit 8 - Implementing Encrytped File Systems
  • Unit 9 - Implementing Trusted Execution
  • Unit 10 - AIX Install Time Security Options


You should have basic AIX administration experience. The AIX prerequisite may be net by attending one of the two following classes or having equivalent AIX skills: AIX System Administration I: Implementation (AU14GB) AIX 5L Jumpstart for Unix Professionals (AW18GB)

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